Viral Marketing, Marketing Strategy For Online Business

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Viral Marketing Marketing Strategy For Online Business

Viral Marketing, Marketing Strategy For Online Business

Viral Marketing Marketing Strategy For Online Business

Currently, online business is very promising, especially supported by various marketing methods so that it can generate substantial profits. One marketing technique that is often used is viral marketing. This type of marketing technique is quite appropriate for use in today’s digital era. Viral marketing has a concept that is almost the same as word of mouth or what can be said as a method of spreading messages to consumers through words. The concept of this marketing technique makes more use of the use of social networks in cyberspace. This marketing technique serves to encourage someone to convey back messages or product information in a strong, periodic, and sustainable manner. In this way, consumers will have a strong memory of the products offered. To understand more about marketing techniques, here is an understanding and application of a viral marketing strategy in the business world.

Understanding Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that will encourage individuals to convey a marketing message to other individuals. This creates a potential for exponential growth in the exposure and impact of these marketing messages. Like a virus, this type of marketing strategy takes advantage of rapid multiplication to get a message to thousands of individuals, even millions. If you often hear the term “word of mouth” in traditional marketing strategies, then the same thing is known in the internet world as viral marketing, or creating a buzz, leveraging the media, or network marketing. The workflow of viral marketing is as follows:

  • Someone gets an idea or idea.
  • Then the idea or idea causes a reaction to that person.
  • Someone willingly or reluctantly helps spread the idea.
  • Then more people got the idea.
  • Each new person has the potential to react to the idea and help pass it on to others.
  • The process repeats itself, and so on until it becomes viral.

How Viral Marketing Works

Viral marketing can develop through the internet network, which duplicates itself more and more like the way a computer virus works. Therefore, in its use, viral marketing requires an internet network connection. This type of marketing strategy can work by distributing information through a database of internet users who have registered for mass use. For example, free electronic websites such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail which provide free email services and provide various product offerings along with those email services. This type of marketing strategy is a modern marketing strategy that promises the fame of the product being marketed. Moreover, people are always connected to an internet connection to access features for free. Creative ideas are indispensable in this type of marketing because internet users are smart enough in choosing content that is purely informational and which is a business or advertising strategy.

Pros and Cons of Viral Marketing

As with other marketing strategies, viral marketing also has several advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the advantages:

  • Consumers can invite or refer their friends or colleagues to shop.
  • Companies that use this marketing program will be defended by their consumers, and this is done because consumers already feel part of the company.
  • Viral marketing will save on promotional costs because consumers will be the promoters. This marketing strategy will not harm consumers because consumers feel that they are not part of the employee. So you don’t need to feel any burden and morale in running it.
  • There is no need to educate the market because consumers already know your online business.
  • This marketing strategy will not interfere with other strategies that you have run. Viral marketing will complement any other marketing strategy that you have.

Besides having many advantages, it turns out that this type of marketing strategy also has weaknesses, including:

  • The ability of the recipient of information in capturing messages, and not all consumers can receive messages that are conveyed properly.
  • You cannot predict whether the marketing strategy that is implemented is successful and will get good results or not.

Viral marketing has the potential to increase brand awareness and sales of your online business. Besides, this technique can also be used to increase the popularity and sales of online businesses. Viral marketing cannot be successful without creativity. Even though it looks simple, this marketing strategy must be carried out with careful planning. This marketing strategy will indeed be very profitable, especially to increase the sales of your online business.

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