Viral Marketing: Definition and benefits for business

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Viral Marketing: Definition and benefits for business

Viral Marketing Definition and benefits for business

Basically the meaning and strategy of viral marketing has long been understood and applied by marketing experts. However, this strategy is increasingly being applied after technology develops increasingly rapidly. Especially when present social media is often used as the main intermediary to vnalize a content.

Various benefits are very large, starting from being able to increase brand awareness, to sales. In fact, this strategy is claimed to be more effective in the success of a promotion compared to other strategies.

So, what is the real viral marketing? What is the application like in business? So that you are not increasingly confused, here is a complete explanation of viral marketing.

Definition of Viral Marketing

Just as the name suggests, the definition of a simple viral marketing is a form of strategy aimed at creating viral advertisements, and spread within a short period of time. What distinguishes marketing strategies is different from other strategies is because viral marketing relies on an organic audience as a promoter, which is willingly distributing to others.

This strategy is also often associated with mouth terms or Word of Mouth (WOM). The resulting impact is very effective for increasing brand awareness. Can even achieve transactions.

In addition, the viral marketing strategy can not only be done by a large business. You who still have small businesses can also use this strategy with content truly able to attract the attention of the audience.

Social media is often launched as the main media in conducting this strategy because it is considered easier and more quickly to spread it. But, other offline media can actually be utilized, such as magazine media, television, billboards, banners, etc.

3 advantages of viral marketing

There are many advantages that can be achieved using a viral marketing strategy, the following is the advantage:

1. Save advertising costs

Why is it claimed to be able to save advertising costs? Because actually the advertising costs are relative, depending on the media what you use and what type of content you will provide. However, if your ad runs success and viral, then the benefits you get will be greater.

Even the benefits or benefits can multiply to cover the initial capital when you make the ad itself. Because, viral advertisements will continue to spread by themselves, and are able to reach other audiences that are not from your target market.

2. Improve brand awareness

This is the main reason why business people really like viral marketing advertising strategies. With viral content, your business will automatically be better known. What’s more if you are able to convey a variety of useful messages and be able to provide solutions for the audience.

3. The opportunity to cover various media

This point is also one of the advantages that is closely related to the first point, which is cost-effective. When your ad has succeeded in viral, then you don’t have to bother to spend a press release or advertise in various media, such as radio, television, newspapers, etc.

Instead, the media will voluntarily interview you or invite you to be present on one of the programs.

Features of Viral Marketing

None of the marketing strategies that can run smoothly and without risk, including viral marketing strategies. For this reason, it is very important for you to find out the shortcomings of this marketing strategy.

1. Potential to get a negative image

Why? Because the main driver of this advertising strategy is by word of mouth audience or your customer. So, they can get a conflicting point of view of what you want to convey. Therefore, try to pay back attention to your content and watch so that the content does not cause a negative impression.

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2. Considered spam.

Not always the spread of viral content is considered good. Even when it is the center of attention, it is likely that your ad will be able to be seen throughout the media and become a community conversation.

Just like the first point, this condition has the potential to give a different impression on some people. One of them is considered a spam. So, they will feel bored because you are always displayed by your ad.

3. It’s hard to predict

Viral marketing strategies can basically succeed and can not. Even though there are some precise strategies in making viral content, this strategy is in fact difficult to predict than other marketing strategies.

Some advertisements may be affected by viral in a short period of time. However, some others have a long time for months, some even fail. Therefore, you must make mature consideration so that your ad kampide is not useless.

How to maximize viral marketing strategies

If you already know anything all the strengths and lack of viral marketing, then it is time to prepare its strategy through the following steps:

1. Specifies the target audience and the right media

None of the ads can viral suddenly, unless they are disseminated by those who are indeed willing to do so.

For that, make sure that the message you convey is able to attract your target audience. Then, also determine the right media, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Also make sure that the media is where your target audience is located.

2. Relying on Social Media Analytics Tools

As we have explained earlier, the audience has a very important role to support your content so that it can be viral. So, you must really know what type of content they like. Whether it is in the form of stories, memes, videos, or so on.

One effective way to find out is to use the Social Media Analytics tool. This tool is able to help you collect every audience activity on social media easily. Including tracking your content performance from each campaign.

From the tool, later you can search for new input or ideas from any of the most successful content, suppose in terms of the number of likes, click, views, comments, etc. After that, pay attention to anything that can afford to make the content can attract the audience, then you browse what is able to be used as an inspiration for your viral marketing content.

3. Create an emotional and quality impression

You must remember that your viral marketing will not work unless you have your own attraction for the audience. One of them is making content capable of leading emotions or feelings of the audience.

Why? Because based on the results of research from a professor of neurologists at the University of Southern California, emotions are a major drive for everyone to take action. Including action when they watch or see an ad. This action can vary, such as clicking, share it to others, comment, or directly buy it.

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However, you must also still pay attention and think of quality content. Make sure the content has a positive message, such as education, information, solutions, etc.

4. Use the hashtag to spread the content

Another important tips are to use the hashtag on your ad. Hashtag is an effective way so that your ad campaign content is popular in the eyes of the audience. In addition to being able to increase brand awareness, the additional hashtag will also make your content look more memorable. More than that, you can also be easier to track the success of your advertising campaign through the hashtag.

Therefore, take your time to create a unique, memorable, and attractive hashtag for the audience.

5. Use Trend Jacking Strategy

Trend Jacking or trend piracy is one of the marketing strategies that utilize a situation, condition, or issue that is currently popular to be used as an advertising campaign material. This strategy is often used to support viral marketing content.

The production of its content varies, can use images or videos that reflect the brand.

6. Social Outreach

Another effective tips for helping to analize your advertising content campaign is Social Outreach. The trick is to reach people who have great influence on your business industry, such as influencers.

How is it ready to try a viral marketing strategy?

From the number of many online marketing strategies today, viral marketing is one of the strategies that are often used as priorities by business people. What’s more, even this strategy can be applied in all business scales, both small and large.

There are a lot of business benefits that can be obtained by carrying out this strategy, namely saving advertising costs, increasing visitor traffic website traffic, credibility, leads, to be covered by various mass media for free.

However, if this viral marketing strategy fails, there are some consequences that must be prepared. Therefore, you must prepare a viral marketing strategy as perfect as possible so that the results are not free.

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