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IAB survey has already advised that programmatic buying for electronic video goes to proceed to rise despite the astonishing numbers it has already risen in the past years. This presents huge opportunities for app developers. Programmatic buying for mobile video has already risen up to 41% as of 2016 alone and up to 26% way back in 2014. This has brought on a number of mobile ad networks and structures to increase their capabilities in serving mobile video ads rather than spend time developing online ads. Some are already surging ahead.

Startups are already using programmatic advertisements, and a full range of mobile video ad codecs to bring data driven video advertisements into the industry. In order for video advertising to fully be successful in the app financial system and begin to dominate the demand, it must induce better user engagements through the use of advanced concentrated on and non evident ad codecs. An ideal mobile video ad platform that you can depend on will completely wish to have flexible earnings models, precise analytics, reporting interface and extremely engaging ad formats on its arsenal just to name a few. We have came across a fairly new mobile video advertisements format which has been low key but has significantly great aspects and runs with decent performance. As our moral duty to all the time train our readers in regards to the best ad networks, in this week, we current to you Viewdeos.

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