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There are two main standards for implementing an in stream advertising format. VAST Video Ad Serving Template usual is an XML document requested by your video player. It consists of counsel about what ad is intended to be played. VAST doesn’t assess all points of displaying video ads.

It is impossible to set up complex interactions between a video player, a online page and an ads message using VAST. In case you need that option, as an example, to create a script that will stop gambling the video and begin advertisements or will ask the user to take some action, be sure you use any other general called VPAID Video Player Ad Interface Definition. Most video players help both VAST and VPAID criteria and capable of exhibit the commercials content of most ad networks. 1 We provide a VAST link which you insert into your player. This link contains the list of video ads sorted as we mentioned before – from essentially the most costly ad to the least one. AdSpyglass algorithm sorts it on our server in response to the available offers of commercials networks.

The only disadvantage of this option is that the vast majority of free gamers do not aid ads. You will need a paid ‘pro’ version that calls for month-to-month payments. The subscription can be costly. For example, Flowplayer has a Professional plan that costs $100/month, and Enterprise plan costs up to $500/month. Cloudinary paid subscription starts from $89/month. In addition, some players may not be capable of play all codecs of video ads.

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These two factors can significantly reduce your income. With the growth of the acclaim for the video content, more and more advertisers are starting to use video ads. As a result, we see the competitors for traffic and value increases. Our advice to publishers is to wisely use that chance. Both AdSpyglass technical solutions allow optimizing the process of choosing the Ads.

With our algorithms income rises by 30 40%, and occasionally, up to 2 times in comparison to working with one ad community. In addition, you get useful reports, choice facts, and will be in a position to video display the system. Also, we supply extraordinary help from our experts. They will can help you to set up the monetization of your web site and get essentially the most out of it.