Various Types of Advertising Methods

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Various Types of Advertising Methods

Various Types of Advertising Methods

Advertising is one way to introduce and promote a product or service from a company. According to some allegations, advertising had existed long before the modern era, for example paintings in caves by ancient humans were considered to be the forerunner to the form of promotion, then there were also writings published on papyrus leaves by the Egyptians, as well as ruins of buildings in Pompeii (ancient Rome) indicated that advertising was already well-known by the people there.

The rapid progress of the times, making advertising can be realized in various forms and various media used. Here are some types of advertising methods commonly used by business people:

1. Print Advertising

Print advertising or print advertising is a form of advertising campaigns that are usually carried out on paper, fabric, plastic, and others. These advertisements are widely found in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, brochures, booklets, and so on.

2. Guerilla Advertising

This method has been commonly used in the last 20 years. Business people usually organize certain events to attract people to attend the event, for example a coloring contest whose main prize is the product that they want to market.

Thus the promotion of these products will spread by word of mouth and social networking. The key to the success of this advertising method is creativity, innovation, and the right timing.

3. Broadcast Advertising

Advertising methods that utilize brodcasting channels such as television and radio are the most extensive forms of advertising. Unfortunately to advertise with this media is quite costly. Just imagine in one run, a half-minute advertisement on a television program can require a budget of millions of dollars

4. Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is any form of advertising that we can see outside the home, such as on a highway, in a park, in front of a building, and so on. Outdoor advertising is generally large in size to be easily seen by people passing by.

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5. Community Service Advertisements

Public service advertising (PSA) are advertisements made not for commercial purposes, but rather for social purposes, such as inviting and educating the public for orderly traffic.

6. Product Placement Advertising

This advertising method utilizes a variety of interesting moments to place the product being marketed, although it does not explicitly mention the product in question. For example in a film, an actor acts using a particular brand of cellphone, even though the actor never once even discussed the cellphone. The viewers who watch the film will certainly be provoked by the brand.

7. Online Advertising

This fish is an advertisement that appears on internet sites. Online advertising methods emerged as the internet world progressed. Online advertising is one of the veins in the development of the world wide web.

8. Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is an advertising method that utilizes mobile phones and other mobile devices, such as tablet computers, book readers, and other potential electronic devices through an internet connection. If you have used an Android phone, then this ad often appears in the status bar or in applications downloaded by users.