Various CMS to create Social Media itself

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Various CMS to create Social Media itself

Various CMS to create Social Media itself

At present, Social Media has “mastered” our daily lives. Not only to communicate with family and friends but social media is also used as a marketing platform and other business needs.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the three social media platforms that bring the most traffic to a business website. But you certainly know that these three social media has rules and limitations that can limit the space for a business.

If you feel the available social media limit your space, you can create your social media. Out there, there have been many Content Management Systems or CMS that can be used to create social media or social networking sites yourself.

Why make your social media?

Along with the popularity of social media, organizations often want to create a more branded and controlled experience for their target. One solution to this problem is to build their social media.

  • Build a community for your own business

Interaction between business and customers and interactions between customers can affect your business. With your social media, you can create branded and more controlled user experiences.

All activities that exist in your social media can be focused on your brand and you can get to know your customers better. With a community interested in the same thing, communication between businesses and customers can be more open.

  • You can create more personalized user experiences

With social media, you can create more personalized user experiences for your customers. You can answer their questions directly. In addition to this personal interaction, you can understand what your customers need. With so much business, you can change to remain relevant and adapt to customer needs and desires.

  • Communication that is easier and clearer

With the existence of your social media, you can create a platform where you can communicate with your customers directly, easy, clear DNA. In addition, communication can also be more natural because all of your social media users must understand the context of your conversation on social media. They can also directly give opinions and suggestions if needed.

  • You can be more focused on your customers

People still need specific online environments that collect thinking individuals with one goal, target, or industry. The mainstream social media has noticed the lack of such an environment, but it seems that the solution is unsatisfactory for some businesses and industries that require special space. To be able to solve their problems, a strong society requires the capacity to create opportunities.

Social media that are already famous cannot force a sense of “has”. The reason lies in the fact that the taste has not always been achieved through sharing general experiences but through meaningful contributions. This is where your social media can be a solution.

With special features built for certain purposes, social media businesses can provide great opportunities for communities and development. In addition, the individual-minded community can share knowledge. The more you promote a meaningful contribution, the better you can direct the growth and development of your business or industry.

  • Improve engagement

Building your social media can be one way to improve engagement. Engagement with customers is not something that can be forced. But with your social media, you can encourage conversations with more personal posts.

If you know what they need and want, you can make content that drives engagement. With this content, you can also make your social media user feel involved to share knowledge and be interact with other users. This is the actual engagement sought by many brands.

By paying attention to specific user needs, communication, and their ideas, social media companies can help all culture, collaboration, and public relations, companies or organizations.

CMS to make social media

The following are some content management systems or CMS which are indeed made specifically to help you all make your social media:


Socialengine was founded in 2007 by Charlotte Genevier and Alex Benzer. At first, the CMS that has now become open-source is made to help businesses create their social networking platform.

This system says that they do not limit customization, complete analysis, strong security systems, and anti-spam. If you want to use Socialengine, they give two choices, namely:

  • Socialengine PHP.

This one choice is designed to be downloaded and used with the format made by the user itself. The use license can be a sign that the social media you make with this option is your own. This option provides a response analysis of your complete, in, and personal social network platform.

  • Socialengine Cloud.

This one choice is arguably easier to make because the setup process can be said to be instant. In addition, Socialengine Cloud also offers social integrase features even though this option is not as flexible as the PHP version. You can’t be free to customize your social media. The analysis they provide is also not as complete and as deep as the analysis they provide in Socialengine PHP.

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The biggest advantage you can get from SocialEngine is the customization feature. Besides that Socialengine also gives you full ownership of the data entered into the social media you make. Even though Socialengine hosted a platform where the social media was created, all content, next to the network itself, belonged to its users.

But Socialengine also has disadvantages. One of the issues that are often discussed about Socialengine is many third-party plugins are not compatible with this platform. Therefore, even though Socialengine can be customized, socialengine inability to be integrated with plugins from third parties can be a significant deficiency. Even so, there are reports that Socialengine is trying to correct this problem because many users are complaining.


In January 2018, PHPFOX released the latest and largest updates, namely PHPFOX 4.6.0. This can be a sign that this CMS continues to update the platform to meet customer desires and needs. In the technology world, it is useless if the software is said to be good but they do not update the software to continue to meet the needs and desires of its users.

This is one reason why phpfox can continue to grow. They focus to develop relevant software. You can see this from their website design and platform. PHPFOX provides a free demonstration that allows prospective social media makers to try their basic services before they buy a license from social media.

One of the most interesting things about CMS is the affordability of prices, abundant features, and user-friendly interfaces. By only paying once, you can choose the ability and various features for your network – like for example the choice to make video chat features.

Abundant features also help you create social media that is easy to customize. In addition, you can also create a unique, easy-to-use platform, and have high accessibility. Many of these features are available in their most affordable packages. With a user-friendly interface, it will certainly be easy for you and your social media users to use social media.

Unfortunately, PHPFOX is still not good in terms of customer service. If you contact the company to ask for help, you need to pay for the service. Even if you have used their most expensive package.


In addition, you can only contact them to request support or assistance during business hours. This is certainly uncomfortable because if you live in a different time zone, or find a problem at the end of the week, you have to wait until a working day to contact PHPFOX.


EXO first began in 2002. At first, EXO wants to be used as an open-source project. But because of his hard work, in 2003, this project became his own company. Fun FACT: Their first client is the US Department of Defense or the United States Department of Defense.

For the price, EXO is divided into three. The distribution of the price itself is divided based on the number of users of your platform. The first package is a professional plan, where 200 users can use the social media you make.

The second choice is Enterprise Plan, which serves up to 1,000 users. The third package is Enterprise Plus. This package does not limit the number of social media users you created. EXO is often referred to as the Content Management System (CMS) which is very good with tools that support social activities, and easy to customize.

EXO has a reputation as a complete platform because they have perfected the balance between the ability to socialize and collaborate. Even though they have add-ons and exclusive features that can be easily integrated into social network users, open-source programming.

To provide convenience users build their network according to their own needs and desires. In addition, their customer service is also always ready to help with a rapid and detailed response without the need to pay any fees.

The only disadvantage EXO has on a wide scale is because the offer they provide is very much, sometimes some larger features can slow down the network. Although this makes it possible to repair it, the complete completeness of the right source network can make it difficult for new users to navigate it.


Boonex was first established in 2001 by Andrew and Julia Boon. Initially, this couple only focused on making software for the community. But for this decade, this company turned into a good CMS social media platform.

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The company’s main products are better known as Dolphin. With the full name Boonex Dolphin, this platform has passed four large updates and the latest version called Dolphin Pro.

Boonex is praised because it can survive the test of time and update the software to remain relevant. Some of the unique advantages of this system are membership advertisements, the ability to create a blog right on the platform, and the ability to collect payments.

Their advertising space can be filled by social media users for their advertising. This makes the network fixed. While individual network designers are increasingly noticed on the platform they have used.

In addition to being fully adjusted, both for templates and social media connectivity, Boonex also allows network designers to plan and present their content. Members can easily add and update blogs to their network, make special RSS feeds, and even share documents.

Third, Boonex allows network users to collect payments through their social networks. This payment option is easy to make, especially for charity or other similar ideas looks neat and professional. For some networks, this can change the whole way they operate, only with the convenience paid through social media they created.

The problem often discussed in this platform is the lack of choice for certain functions, such as templates. While they have a slightly helpful market to overcome the problem, you have to pay something simple like a template, when a networker who has paid membership can be disturbing.


Ning began in 2004 and has become one of the main CMS platforms in this industry. The company offers an easy-adjustable drag and drop design that is truly socially integrated, mobile, and perfected with the latest SEO and Analytics features.

Even though they are companies that come from the United States, their globalization strategy is right on target, with the ability to read their website content in six different languages.

Ning has a reputation as a content management system social media that is easy to use. The existing content on social media made with Ning also tends to get a high ranking on the Google search results page. In addition, the Ning platform is also easy to connect to it.

The Ning platform is famous for its easy-to-use and smooth plaque in its adjustment. This platform always strives to maintain its relevance and achieve this goal through applications, many features, and affordable prices.

Secondly, Ning focused its efforts to keep an understanding of SEO, which helped content for all platform users to get a high ranking on the Google.ini useful search results page, both for experienced networkers and those who are still trying to build their user bases.

Indeed there is no perfect Content Management System. Despite having many benefits, there are also several complaints among users.

The first is that even though the package is affordable, they have limited bandwidth, which if surpassed by networkers, they have to upgrade their packages. This tends to frustrate Ning users.

Second, because the Ning site is integrated with each social network on the platform, there is a possibility of higher spam. To improve this situation, Ning limits the number of requests for friends who can send the network to fifty. This helps a little but still, there is a networker who has officially joined which feels disturbed.


In conclusion, there is no CMS platform in this list that is certainly better than others. Before you choose CMS to create social media, you need to know what you need and want. Each Content Management System To create a social media can be used for any business.

Everything will depend on what you need and want for your business social media. However, every business is different, and therefore, you deserve a platform to make social media that can meet your business needs. Hopefully, this list explains some of the available choices and makes it easier for you to make a decision!

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