Utilizing Customer Experience for the Quality of Your Business

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Utilizing Customer Experience for the Quality of Your Business

Utilizing Customer Experience for the Quality of Your Business

Utilizing Customer Experience for the Quality of Your Business

Some businesses, both offline and online, cannot develop for several reasons. One of them is the absence of feedback when customers transact in your business. So, customer experience is important in a business.

Customer experiences can be in the form of testimonials in the form of comments. You as a businessman can provide it in written or video form. When there are positive comments it attracts new customers to do business with you.

If you look at a large-scale business, customer experience can come from loyal customers. Not only that, customers who are diligent in providing advice can be rewarded. Because advice is the best customer experience strategy.

Even so, business people have not fully utilized the customer experience. Sometimes business people ignore it. What happens is that the competitors are lagging.

Therefore, here is how to take advantage of customer experience in online business.

1. Rating

One way to take advantage of the customer experience is by providing a rating column for your product. Usually, the rating is a five-star symbol.

When your service to customers is very good, customers do not hesitate to give five stars. This means that your business is quite good in the eyes of customers.

Inviting customers to give five stars is not an easy matter. The business you offer needs to satisfy customers. Avoid bad service so you don’t get a star and it can have a bad impact on business.

2. Comment Column

When you create content on social media or websites you usually provide a comment field. This column can be used to discuss or provide input. Customers usually prefer to express their opinion in the comments column.

From there you will see how your business is growing. Is the customer service good enough or not. For example, is the product delivery as promised or late. When what the customer expects, the comments displayed will satisfy you.

The comment column includes those that attract attention to customers. When deciding to use a service or product, they will usually pay attention to the comments column. Utilizing the comments column as a customer experience is effective in a business.

3. Questionnaires

You know, in the span of a few months, a company usually provides a questionnaire. Some are offline, but more often they are online. The questionnaire is meant to measure how far your product or service is useful to customers.

In the questionnaire, customers are asked to provide a number between one and five. The questionnaire usually doesn’t contain many questions. This is because later customers are reluctant to enter questionnaires. Unless you give rewards for filling out the questionnaire.

From the questionnaire, you can also see how good the customer experience you provide is. Questionnaires are good enough to use for those of you who need a more developed business.

4. Testimonials

The actual testimonials are almost the same as the comments column. However, usually special testimonials for selected customers. What is displayed is mostly customers who have repeatedly transacted in the business. You can use it too. Show it in the form of a design or video on social media or a website.

Testimonials are a great tool to strengthen a business. By looking at testimonials, customers will have more confidence in doing business with you. So, use testimonials as a form of customer experience in your business.

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