Using LDAP and Active Directory with C

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The following diagram shows how an easy SSO system can work using LDAP. The diagram shows a simplified Microsoft Active Directory configuration using LDAP. Active Directory stores user tips in an LDAP server. When a user attempts to login to his or her Windows PC, Windows validates the login advice against the LDAP/Active Directory server.

Whenever a user tries to do something that requires authentication, an program can use guidance from the Active Directory server to validate the user’s identity. Of course, if SSO is not required, Active Directory can even be used as an easy authentication mechanism. At Auth0 we care about all our consumers. If you have an current LDAP deployment, that you would be able to integrate it with Auth0. LDAP deployments are frequently put in inside a corporate network.

In other words, they’re inner most. Since they are inner most, there is no access to the LDAP server from the external. Since our authentication answer works from the cloud, it is essential to supply a way for the internal network to speak with our servers. This is what we supply in the sort of the Active Directory/LDAP connector. This is a provider that’s installed to your community to provide a bridge among your LDAP server and our own servers in the cloud.

Worry not!The connector uses an outbound connection to our servers so you do not are looking to set up special rules to your firewall.

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