Using Instagram Insight as a Data Reference for Business

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Using Instagram Insight as a Data Reference for Business

Using Instagram Insight as a Data Reference for Business

Today, Instagram is a necessity for everyone. Not just existence but to provide information. Instagram is interesting because photos tell stories. Then, can the photos you display attract followers? You can only find it on Instagram Insights.

In Instagram insight, you can get a variety of information. Starting from the gender, age, or place where the follower is. What is unique, you can find out how many followers access your account in a period per day even per hour.

By knowing the steps of followers in following your Instagram account, you can determine your next strategy. Planning interesting content for the next month and next.

However, the question is, can Instagram Insight measure how effective it is for business development? Of course, I can. There are several ways you can increase sales.

1. Content Improvement Based on Follower Demographics

Often you don’t realize that every post on Instagram has a different number of likes. Even though in business planning, you want equal distribution of likes in every upload.

Not only that, apart from likes, the impact on engagement also varies. Some seem like photos that look normal but are getting an unexpected number of likes. However, there are also times when you spend extra energy, the results are not much.

In Instagram insight, you can find out which uploads get the most likes. Apart from that, you will also understand that your account is suitable for certain age ranges. For example, between 35 and 45 years of age. So, adjust the upload with your followers.

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2. Plan the Day and Time

What you need to know is that the Instagram algorithm is always changing. Maybe you’ve heard before that the best day to upload a photo or video is on Thursday after dusk. However, since the algorithms are uncertain then you need to adapt.

The simplest way is to check on Instagram insight. From there, you can see which days and times are right to upload a product photo or video. You can’t be sure in the long run. Often the algorithms change not only per month but per week.

Anticipation and good adaptation train you to pay attention to which posts have the most likes and engagements.

3. Enable Instagram Story

This method is not an arbitrary way. If you have been an Instagram user for a long time, Instagram Story is more enjoyed by followers. Because your activities that are not more than 24 hours can be monitored neatly.

From Instagram Insights, you can find data such as exits, replies, and views. The more views, the opportunity to persuade customers to make transactions is wide open.

You can improve the content on Instagram Story by looking at competitors. That is perfectly fine. However, most importantly, make subscribers feel at home with your Instagram Story.

4.Use a CTA (Call to Action)

What are your expectations when followers or customers notice your posts? Of course, you expect a continuation of the transaction. How did this happen? You can do this by seeking a CTA in each caption.

From the CTA, you can direct customers to a link in the form of a website or marketplace. CTA is made as attractive as possible so that customers want to make transactions. Change regularly so that customers don’t feel cheated by your uploads.

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With the rich data that has been made from Instagram Insights, you will be more confident to continue your business. The data is important as a guide for future business planning.

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