Using Group Nesting Strategy – AD Best Practices for Group Strategy – Ace Fekay

Keep in mind, probably the most features may or might not exist for your Active Directory infrastructure, dependent on what OS edition your domain controllers are, or in a mixed NT4 atmosphere. What is the oldest domain controller that also exists in the domain and/or forest, is also a factor. Such elements as group nesting, might not exist if the AD domain and/or forest practical levels haven’t been updated to the most recent levels. Using groups will also help to reduce the general administrative overhead of dealing with user access, rather than simply adding a user account to a resource. What occurs when that user leaves the agency?Some institutions will keep the account but disable it.

Other insitutions will delete the account. So what occurs if you delete a user account that remains to be designated in an ACL?The user account in the ACL of a useful resource will remain but only as a SID number, and not the user account name, as it was deleted. This can become confusing to determine who the account was, but at that point, it doesn’t matter since you know it was an account that was deleted. In that case, the one thing you could do is delete the SID entry in the ACL. Unless you were to reanimate the account even if performing an authoritative restore, using ADRestore.

Net, or restoring an account from the AD Recycle Bin with Windows 2008 R2 or newer, but this is a different topic beyond the scope of this blog. And what happens if you just use user debts as opposed to groups?You might say I only have 20 users, so I’ll do exactly it by user account. Then after awhile, the company grows, more users are hired, you retain adding them to substances in response to their user debts, but in the future you look at it and say, wow, we’ve over 200 users now, and we are having problems keeping an eye on who has access to what. If only I had began using groups originally, and simply added or got rid of users from the groups as their roles or positions in the agency modified, I would have had an improved handle oh this mess, and it might be one less thing on my plate that I need to deal with now. Widgets, Inc is planning to release a new product that requires collaboration across its regions.

Resources related to the assignment are stored on file servers in each domain. To define who has the capability to switch files related to the recent product, a frequent group is created called “U New Product Modify. ” That group is assigned the Allow Modify permission to the shared folders on each of the file servers in all of the domain names. The Widgets Regional Managers group is made a member of the “U New Product Modify” group, as are a lot of global groups and a handful of users from all the areas.

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