Using Experiential Marketing to Make Business Better

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Using Experiential Marketing to Make Business Better

Using Experiential Marketing to Make Business Better

Using Experiential Marketing to Make Business Better

When customers can have an extraordinary experience after using your product or service, you can be said to be successful in influencing customers. Because not many customers only use the product but it doesn’t make an impression. Things like this are what business people need to learn in experiential marketing.

There is a different approach that goes even deeper when doing promotions or offers to customers. The approach taken can touch the heart, record it in the brain so that you feel a unique sensation. That is the key to experiential marketing.

So, experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that emphasizes unique, interactive, and emotional experiences so that customers are interested and willing to use your business products or services.

1. Sense (five senses)

The main guide in sense marketing is the five senses. Your business needs to be given a stimulus so that customers have a satisfying experience.

The purpose of sense marketing is to motivate customers to use business products, provide value to customers, to offer exclusively designed products.

From sense marketing, there are three things divided to find out more about the effects and processes, namely:

a. Stimulation: at any time, whether moving or not, the customer always receives any information. From all the information, customers will pay more attention to those who offer a different experience.

Therefore, business people need to do experiential marketing. It contains experiential modules that you need to know. What are they? Read carefully this article to the end.

b. Impact: after going through the stimulation and process, the next thing is to know the impact it has had; whether happy or even satisfied.

2. Feel (emotional experience)

What’s interesting about feel marketing is that it can trigger the deepest feelings of customers. So that it creates a very strong impression when going to and after using your business products or services.

Getting the mood off is not easy. You need to do your best to impress the customer.

There are two kinds of emotions that you need to know, namely: basic emotions (joy, disappointment, satisfaction) and complex emotions (feelings that can be combined such as nostalgia-memories)

  1. Process: the stimulation generated comes from the power of the five senses. So, customers can see, hear, feel and even smell.

3. Think

In this model, you need to invite customers to think more deeply so that they are objective in giving an impression of your business products or services.

Three things cover the think model, including:

a. Surprise

Now and then the customer needs to be surprised. Why surprise? Because customers will feel a sensation that was never expected before. There is a feeling of both pride and satisfaction.

b. Intrigue

It is inversely proportional to surprise. There is something beyond surprise. Because intrigue arouses great curiosity to customers.

c. Provocation

Provocation is not always negative. However, you are still careful about provoking provocations. Because it often creates controversy so that what is present is an unpleasant impression in the heart.

4. Act

This marketing model emphasizes body experience. Lifestyle, the experience of interacting with other people, will expand the lives of customers, especially in terms of body experiences.

Of the four, it is important to do so to create a memorable experience. The taste is really expensive and invaluable.

5. Relate

The last one is to have a positive impact on others. Relates can be used to influence other people’s relationships. Customers can share their best experiences with friends or friends so that they are also interested in using your business products or services.

The concept of marketing by using customer experience is one of the advantages to attract more and wider customers.

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