User persona: understanding and role of its importance in developing products

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User persona: understanding and role of its importance in developing products

User persona understanding and role of its importance in developing products

For business people, company management, marketing team or product development team, definitely the term persona user is no longer foreign things. User persona is a representation of goals based on the needs of a group of people when using your product.

Making a personal user is claimed to be very important so you can touch your destination target easier and also fast. The persona user is made to increase customer appeal. By making a persona user, then marketing information and messages will be more targeted on your product users.

The user persona is made during the process of making a product. Why? Because in this process you will determine a specification and also the product image is adjusted to the user characteristics. So, your product users will feel more care of and also more understood.

Well, on this occasion, let’s get to know more about the user persona and its important role in the development of business products.

What is the Persona user?

Reporting from the CAREER FOUNTRY page, Persona user is a fictional character. However, this character is not created in order. He must be able to represent an ideal user. For that, you must know first for whom your product is made.

Sourced from the Adobe Blog page, this fictional figure can also represent a need of a group of product users. Generally, their profile will be educated in one to two pages.

In this case, product designers must be able to add various things in detail, such as skills, attitudes, behavior, and also various other information. In fact, some designers often add some important things, such as making them look like humans.

Quoted from the Page Interaction Design Foundation, the creation of this persona user will be included in a process called Design Thinking. More precisely, he is part of the second stage of the design thinking, namely Define. He will appear after the first stage called fourhise.

In this fourth stage, product designers must carry out various research and data collection. Later, the data will be made as a fictional character in the define process.

Type-type user persona

Basically, there are three things that include the user persona, namely Pain Points, user’s goals, and behaviors. These three things will explain what the user really wants from a product, why they do it, and what they do on the product.

Josh Seiden explained that there were two types of persona users, namely

  • Persona Marketing, namely the Persona User used to determine the needs and motivation of users on the use of products
  • Interactive persona, namely the persona user that is closely related to the behavior of product use.

By understanding the characteristics or product requirements, then directly you are making a user feel comfortable using the product you make.

In making this persona user, then as a designer or marketing, you must be able to determine the grooves or other things that are felt suitable for use. So, your product will be used more often by many users.

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Why is the PERSONA user important?

The following are some of the benefits of making a Persona user based on the Adobe Blog page and Clever Tap,

1. Understanding the user

By describing users more really, then a product designer will be easier to understand the user. As for example their expectations, their needs, or solutions to the problems they feel. All of these will become clearer and easier with the creation of this fictional character.

By creating products that are in accordance with the wishes of the user, the better user experience will be easier to do.

2. Provide information before deciding

Who determines? What features should be made first? What is the company leader or designer? When the product is made for the user, why don’t they just determine it?

Well, if a product must be created on the request of the user, then where the company knows what they need? Then the answer is a person persona.

3. Describing research results

Basically, the party requires a picture of a user not just a product designer, but the other part requires it. Like, marketing teams, company leaders, etc. Certainly they have different backgrounds.

For the results of the user research in the field of design, it is likely that it will only be understood by designers only. If the results of the research are depicted with Persona users, all parties who are within the company will be easier to use it.

4. Integration with other departments

At this time you already understand that the Persona user is not just about a profile or someone’s expectations, but also information related to the user’s background. With this complete information, Persona users can be used by many people within the company.

Like for example a marketing team who wants to know the position of its products from a market perspective. They can see the person’s user.

Tips for Building User Persona

Certain strategies are needed in creating persona users in order to avoid the risk of project failure. Well, here are some effective ways and tips in creating persona users.

1. Get good market segmentation

In the Persona user, you must obtain market segmentation to describe behavior and also the characteristics of the user. So, you can make a clearer market target, can calculate CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and LTV (Lifetime Value).

2. Do research

In this case, you must collect many references to find out the user’s needs. This is done with the aim that the product you create is indeed something really useful and functioning properly.

In addition, research is also carried out to obtain data relating to the target, attributes, and also the pattern of the user group. To obtain this data you can do direct interviews, surveys, etc.

There are at least two types of research you can do, namely qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Qualitative research, is a study based on product quality in the form of ideas or a concept. This type of research is conducted on several small-scale users, namely 10-20 people in interview or testimonial use of your product.
  • Quantitative research, is research based on quantity to be able to prove the existing hypothesis. The research on this model was carried out with a number of large-scale users with a survey method and also log file analysis.
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3. Find user patterns

When you do an interview, then you should be able to find various user patterns to be able to determine the user group of your products. Afterwards, make an initial model with a previous reference. Show the initial model that you have made on the design team or marketing team so that they understand the model.

4. Start making a persona user

After doing various ways above, you can make a person person. It is recommended to make Persona users as many as 3-7 people first. With this number of users, it is expected to be able to represent all users who will use your product. Even so, you must still choose which user you will make a top priority.

5. Using Templates

To make it easier for you to identify the persona user, then use a Persona template that has been widely available on the internet for free. At present, there has been a lot of convenience in making Persona users online with many interesting color choices.

Besides being able to beautify the look, this template will also make it easier for you to fill out various other user support data, such as a daily basis, technology that is often used, the personality, and also the famous brand he used.

So, you don’t need another dizzy to make the design from the start and the time you use can be less.

6. Show the final results to colleagues

The end result of the persona user that you have made must be presented in stakeholders, teammates or other teams within the company. The aim is that you can get suggestions or criticisms about what to repair.


Thus an explanation of the persona user and various tips in creating the right persona user. With this information, hopefully you can be more helped in making the ideal product and the user wants, so that it will add to your business.

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