User-Generated Content (UGC), Definition, and UGC Running Tips

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User Generated Content UGC Definition and UGC Running Tips

User-Generated Content (UGC), Definition, and UGC Running Tips

User Generated Content UGC Definition and UGC Running Tips

User-Generated Content or UGC is a review or photo of other users before you consider buying a product.

The content of these users has a very strong impact on increasing trust. What’s more, now that social media has been widely used, so that such content is getting easier and more ordinary to find.

Well, on this occasion, let’s discuss more in-depth about the UGC or User Generated Content.

What is a User Generated Content?

So, we can interpret that the User Generated Content or UGC is one of the forms of content marketing in times like today. Quoted from the Right Mix Marketing page, currently, many businesses rely on content from other users as a form of their marketing strategy.

Whereas if quoted from the Hootsuite User Generated Content page are various forms of content in the form of photos, writings, videos, reviews, etc. made by someone like customers, consumers, or followers.

Later, the brand will upload more content that has been made by them in their respective social media. For some certain brands, Instagram is still one of the biggest social media to make UGC.

Generally, the various brands will request permission or include a certain credit in the photo or video caption.

In this way, the UGC is believed to be able to increase the level of confidence of followers or target audiences. Why? Because this UGC looks very natural and also directly from customer experience, not from the Brand Ambassador.

Why is the User Generated Content Important?

Among us maybe someone wonders why this UGC is very important for a brand. Using endorsers or brand ambassadors alone has looked very professional.

There are various important reasons why this UGC is still the main reason for the brand that is developing a business on its medium’s social platform. The following is the explanation.

1. Promote authenticity

Every consumer is believed to prefer user-generated content because it is claimed to be very natural and also original rather than promotional content made by the brand. The content made by consumers will be visible and seem more honest, especially if added by writing or reviewing their experiences related to a brand.

There are only two possibilities why someone dares to give his experience to buy a product or use services on social media. Both of these are because they are too happy with the products that have been purchased or too disappointed with the product.

This level of honesty is very much awaited by other consumers to increase their trust in a product.

2. Creating trust

Following what we have explained above, one of the main objectives of the UGC is to increase the level of trust of each customer. They certainly want to know in more detail than a brand, starting from services, products, and even experiences from other consumers.

For example, based on Hootsuite, as many as 30% of the millennial circles will not go to a restaurant whose location is not registered on Instagram. This is because they can’t see the experience of others who have eaten there.

For this reason, creating trust is very important. This is reflected in the marketing of Hootsuite which as many as 70% of people will believe more in consumer opinions expressed online.

3. Guide the purchase decision

Trust that has been obtained from consumers will certainly have a straight impact on the decision of their purchases. After they already feel comfortable and also believe, they will decide to try themselves whether the experience that has been shared on social media is indeed correct and also according to what it is.

What’s more, the features on social media such as Instagram also continue to experience updates. For example, such as the story feature and highlight features are a suitable combination to be able to collect UGC.

4. Save marketing costs

With the UGC, a brand can rejoice because it can save marketing costs. Brands will get free content from every consumer without having to spend a lot to advertise or pay the brand ambassador.

5. Help Content Marketing

Another requirement that must be fulfilled so that content marketing can be effective is consistently issuing content. For some business people, issuing very relevant content it cannot be done easily. For this reason, UGC can help maximize its Content Marketing strategy.

What’s more, the content from UGC generally comes from the user’s daily life. Like, holidays, parties, or product reviews. So, even though you can use UGC, but you must still have fresh, unique content, and also remain relevant.

Tips for Running User Generated Content

There are some tips that you can run to be able to apply UGC effectively, namely:

1. Branding.

Before you make content, make a picture of what your brand wants. In addition, also for the target market or its target audience to be visual, language style and its illustration can be in harmony with what the brand wants.

From this, the content to be made by the brand and the submission of followers must be able to look more relevant.

2. Understand the target audience

The next step is to first understand the target audience that you want to go to the ad campaign can run effectively. The different target audiences will certainly also be different ways of handling.

Simply put, if the target audience you want to go to is a young man, then how to collect UGC can use the “Submit Your Story” campaign by writing it on the Facebook page or Instagram comment column.

3. Always ask permission

Because in this case, you have to upload the work of others, then you must still ask permission from them even though they are already tagged. Asking this permission can be via DM or in the comments column.

By always asking for permission, you will be able to be free from various demands that will affect your image. For this reason, it is recommended to ask first whether the work may be re-post as a form of respect or not.

4. List of sources

Even though you have already obtained permission, but don’t forget to still include the source of the UGC. You can include the source with the social media ID tag, write the user website, or write the YouTube channel, or just mention its name directly.

That way, you will appreciate the creator and they will be more excited to use your product again on another day. In addition, this will also be more convincing your consumers as a whole that the content is indeed the original made of consumers.

If you do have a plan to install UGC on various social media at once, don’t forget to ask the content maker, whether they also have an account in the media or not.

5. offer something as reciprocity

To obtain UGC, it’s a good idea to offer something or certain gifts for the followers who have sent it.

You can offer one by one on Followers whose photos have been posted reset or make a prize contest with the main requirements they are willing to send their content.

But, don’t focus too much on giveaway content, why? Because this can have a direct impact on the 30% of those who send just want the prize, not to send honestly. By using this method, an item can obtain a combined UGC from the contest and also organically.

6. Explain the content you want to get

You must be able to explain what content you want to get the UGC according to your branding. An explanation like this can go through the campaign you make using the hashtag.

From the hashtag that followers will want to adjust the content, they will share by using their social media.


Thus the complete explanation of us about UGC. So, we can conclude together that the User Generated Content or UGC is one of the effective marketing strategies, but is often passed by business people.

For that, we hope you have started applying it to your business after finishing reading this explanation. So, you can more maximize your profits or profits.

However, don’t forget to record the profit or profit in your income statement. The aim is that you can further ensure profits and also profits that you have obtained in a certain period.

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