Use Emojis as a Marketing Strategy in Your Business

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Use Emojis as a Marketing Strategy in Your Business

Use Emojis as a Marketing Strategy in Your Business

One picture is a million meanings. These words often appear on social media status. Even without text, images can be an attractive marketing strategy. Now, these images are not just photos. But changing emojis.

When your customers are millennial generation, giving responses in the form of emojis is perfect. Currently, emoji is a marketing strategy that can increase sales.

To get to know more, please take a look at what emojis are and how they are used in the marketing strategy.

What is Emoji?

Emojis are thumbnails of faces, objects, or activities. From year to year, emoji are always updated not only on computers but also on cellphones. This development cannot be separated from discoveries, for example, trending activities.

Emoji, in giving messages, have a deeper meaning. Usually, it hits the customer right away. Thus, it can make customers more comfortable and feel valued.

The emoji can be a smiley face, a cup of coffee, or riding a bicycle. As is currently the case, bicycle emojis or riding a bicycle are in trend. That’s what you can do by taking advantage of trends.

Before emojis came along, there were emoticons. However, emoticons usually only present two signs such as 🙂 or :(. These signs are rarely used. Especially now that the smartphone era. Emojis attract more attention in marketing strategy.

How is it used in a marketing strategy?

You may often see emojis on social media. When verified accounts on Twitter or Instagram give a picture of love or thumbs up in response to a response.

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This step is correct. Because, with emojis, they can increase engagement. Not only that, but also to give context to the message, and get closer to the customer.

1. Managing the Brand

When you are starting a business, and have just created an account on social media then try tweeting a text or uploading a post ending in an emoji. Typically, the preferred emoji is thumb, love, handshake, or hand clenching.

This can instill that the brand that you build is friendly to customers. You don’t need to line up in giving emojis. One is more than enough.

Not only in uploads, you can put emojis on social media profiles. It will present a different meaning. So, your brand is not underestimated but a responsive and millennial brand.

2. Context On Content

Giving emojis is presenting context. This is justified in the marketing strategy. Customers sometimes even better understand the meaning of your promotion or offer when using emojis. Usually, you need to put it at the end of the offer.

On social media, for example, Twitter is limited to 280 characters. To be more economical in conveying messages, text is replaced with emojis. Readers will find the content presented interesting. Visuals and emojis have additional meanings. Try to get started.

3. Closer to the Customer

Have you ever had a long message that ended with an emoji? If so, it is common practice for businessmen. They do it because they want to hook the millennial target market.

Often you will come across a short message from millennials. The text displayed is not much. The ones that have a lot of emojis and can be in a row.

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You shouldn’t be surprised. Instead, you need to follow their style. Because an adaptive marketing strategy can increase the sales of your business. No need to feel proud to give emojis to them.

After understanding one of the marketing strategies, namely emoji, what you need to do is immediately apply it to your marketing strategy. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and gives you many options to market your product.