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Elaborate a use case diagram for right here system:•An employment company has developed a Web site for its amenities. •A person searching for a job must register sign in on the positioning after filling a form that comprises his name, his date of birth, his nationality, his marital status, and other assistance. The license plate may be used later, by this person, to « log in » and display or modify his guidance. •When a company desires to join the site, it must check in first. After that, it can put job offers for employees with bound qualities.

The registered company can also show the individuals’ functions but cannot modify them. •The site administrator can display the individuals’ functions and the companies’ job offers besides. •If an organization finds an appropriate person for the asked job, a freelance is arranged by the administrator. After that, the agreement must be proven by both the agency and the individual by sending each one an email to the administrator. Finally, the individual’s software and the company’s job offer can be far from the system.

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