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You probably have an knowledge anyway writing fiction, so that you can start being viewed as a writer now. This benefits you internally – you get to see your name in print – and externally: you get to develop a presence and a following. Even with out a site, blog, or list, that you can write articles for newsletters, your local paper, or blogs. You can start together with your local RWA bankruptcy’s newsletter. That’s one of many places where I began writing articles for writers.

You could be a guest blogger, or submit articles to article databases like , and More information here: op 10 Article Directories. Where does your potential readership show up online?Go there and begin interacting. Lots and lots of your prospective readers are on Facebook. For those of you who hate Facebook, sorry. Facebook is a raging river as Patrick Swerdtfeger says, author and speaker of Webify Your Business. You can even want to agree with Twitter, Goodreads or MySpace.

I recommend you choose an online site that you just enjoy, and go there to chat together with your friends, reach out to new ones, and share your writing adventure, and favourite reads. I’ve written lots about social networking in this column. Past articles are here: . Author Shelley Adina the chic shall inherit the earth, Jan 2010, Hachette Book Group asked me for my mailing tackle. That was about five years ago. Every time she has a new book coming out I get a phenomenal postcard in the mail.


Many authors choose to use an email list as an alternative of a mailing list, and feature a signup box on their site or blog. Be sure to set up an RSS feed for your blog, too. Be certain to also use your email system Outlook, Gmail, etc. to arrange and make current all of the contact assistance of the existing fans you won’t even know you’ve got: your close chums, family, and group associates. You could also use a spreadsheet to maintain track of your fans. The essential thing is to be amassing folks and adding them to your database.

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And make sure to ask at your local RWA bankruptcy if you could add them to your reader database, like Shelley asked me years ago.