Unlimited Creativity in the Advertising Business

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Unlimited Creativity in the Advertising Business

Unlimited Creativity in the Advertising Business

Greetings Success, Advertising business for now is still one of the businesses that many people are eyeing, especially for those who have high creativity to dare to play in the realm of ideas and ideas.

In addition to the lucrative benefits, setting up an advertising business for those who like challenges is often seen as an arena for “liberating” the mind. Inside there are creative work processes and idea exploration so as to be able to give birth to fresh ideas in the field of promotion.

In theory, advertising has many definitions. But according to the authors themselves the advertising business is a communication service business carried out through various media. The media can use pictures, sounds, words, movements, activities or a combination of several media. The various media created have the aim of launching persuasive communication while equating perceptions about certain products between advertisers and potential customers.

Along with the growth and intense competition in various business sectors, this has opened up more opportunities for advertising business. As one of the creativity-based businesses, advertising agencies can help producers handle their market research, formulate and design advertising, prepare advertising materials, take care of advertising permits, and advertise in various promotional media.

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To make an advertising effort, it would be better if done in a teamwork, can be in the form of business such as Firms, limited partnership companies (CV) or limited companies (PT). The use of business entities is highly recommended, this is to expand the reach of advertising business marketing, both to various government agencies and other companies. With clear legality, it will certainly be trusted by prospective clients / consumers.

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Although there are no fixed rules in making an advertising business, but some fields of work that are usually contained in an advertising business include:

  • Account Service, is responsible for marketing matters, especially looking for new clients, either by submitting an offer or entering a tender.
  • Marketing Researcher, in charge of conducting various studies related to consumer behavior. All research results are used as consideration in planning advertising programs
  • Consultant, is responsible for giving advice, recommendations or advice in the field of marketing to clients. This consultant can usually help with product design consulting, packaging design, pricing, distribution channels and others.
  • Creative Section, has the task to make a variety of creative designs in various promotional media.
  • Media, responsible for determining and providing advertising media, calculating costs, scheduling the launch of advertisements, taking care of licensing as well as installation.
  • Production Sector, in charge of realizing creative ideas in the form of advertising material in various predetermined media.

The needs of the team in making an advertising business are determined by the size of the advertising business created. The larger a business that is established will certainly require more teams. Whereas for small businesses usually a number of jobs can be handled by one person (concurrently), after the business develops only add a few teams that are needed and in accordance with their fields.