Unique Selling Proposition, effective strategies to increase product value

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Unique Selling Proposition, effective strategies to increase product value

Unique Selling Proposition effective strategies to increase product value

Unique Selling Proposition is one of the important elements that must be considered and owned by every brand so that it can be more prominent among its competitors. In the business world, we know there will always be such a competition. But, you need to remember always that it is not the thing to be feared.

With competitors, we can learn many things, such as the marketing strategy they do and know the quality of their products or services.

However, the competitor is still the opponent of doing business. If the product you have is not able to compete with their products, of course you will lose to seize consumers on the market. However, this can be prevented by identifying the Unique Selling Proposition on the products you offer.

So, what is Unique Selling proposition? Why is this element very important for the development of a business? Find the answer by reading the article about this Unique Selling Proposition until it’s finished.

What is Unique Selling Proposition?

Reporting from the Entrepreneur page, Unique Selling Proposition is a factor or consideration originating from the seller as a reason that the product or service provided is better than competitors.

Every consumer who wants to buy a product will certainly do a comparison on some products first before they bought it. There are several things that are considered by consumers before choosing a product, such as prices, excellence, and also the level of popularity.

If the product is indeed unpopular, of course consumers become reluctant to buy it because it is less appropriate and cannot be trusted. But, we cannot deny that prices also determine consumer decisions to make purchases.

Well, so that consumers can directly choose the products you offer, of course there must be some specific things offered to consumers. This is exactly the same as what Neil Patel said that, the Unique Selling Proposition is one of the more specific business goals so that the brand can be known by the community.

Instead of wanting to be better known because it can provide cheap prices or good quality, they even suffered a defeat on the market. Because, they cannot be more specific in showing its strengths, so it will be difficult to get consumers from competitors.

For this reason, the thing that must be considered in determining the Unique Selling Proposition is a specific thing that is able to be offered by a brand, so that it will look more attractive than competitors.

How to determine the Unique Selling Proposition

After we have learned together about the understanding of the Unique Selling Proposition, it is now the time for us to learn how to determine the Unique Selling Proposition. The following is the way:

1. Place yourself in the customer’s position

One of the errors that are often carried out by most businesses is forgetting what consumers are needed. Generally, business people only focus on improving their own quality in order to be able to offer a number of products with high quality to consumers.

But, the main needs of consumers are often carried out, so that the product will eventually become not sold or sell well in the market.

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For this reason, the first thing you have to do before determining the Unique Selling proposition is to position yourself as a consumer.

For example you have a Kae in which it provides a variety of coffee and bread. Of course customers who come to the cafe you want to buy bread and coffee so they can overcome their ladies. But, does the coffee and bread that you provide can make them want to continue to return to your cafe?

For example you have a cafe that provides various kinds of bread and coffee. Of course customers who come to the cafe want to buy bread and coffee to be able to eliminate his ladies.

However, what foods and drinks do you provide will be able to keep it back to your cafe?

The products and services you provide maybe you can make it as a unique selling proposition from your brand. For example, the quality of food is very delicious, comfort, friendliness, or service to customers you can make as an important factor for them to be able to return to your cafe.

You must be able to find out for yourself what consumers want by using a survey. Try to ask for help with your customers to want to fill in the product related survey and also the service you provide.

If the results of the survey it turns out they prefer the service you provide in the cafe, then you can make it a unique selling proposition so that it can attract other customers.

You can make a statement or warranty when running an ad campaign for your cafe, the contents “your money will be returned as much as 100% if the service we provide is less satisfying you”.

This will certainly make every prospective customer being curious and interested in coming and tasting your cafes and the best products.

2. Know the motivation of consumers when buying products

The next step in determining the Unique Selling Proposition is by knowing consumer behavior when making a purchase on your product.

For the sake of having the right marketing strategy, you not only have to know what your customers need, but also have to understand their motivation when buying a product.

When you have a cafe, of course you have to know what the characteristics of your customers are. This will make you easier to make the product right for them. Try to find out the average age of your customers up to their work.

It really you need because you can prepare what products are right to serve them, so that they will motivate them to keep coming again.

For example, your customers have an average age of 18-22 years, and have student status to students. In this case, you must be able to provide products at affordable prices for them. So, besides having satisfying service, you must also be able to make the Unique Selling proposition of economical products that suit their pockets.

If your product is in accordance with them and the service you provide is able to satisfy them, of course you will get customer loyalty.

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3. Compare with competitor products

Like what we already mentioned above, competitors are a very important factor for business progress. Well, you can also do unique selling proposition proposition by doing product comparisons from competitors on the market.

Quoted from the balance careers page, doing product comparisons with competitors can be done by showing the advantages and disadvantages of your product.

When you already know what the advantages and disadvantages of the product, it will make it easier for you to determine the Unique Selling Proposition.

Example of USP from the world’s popular brand

Sourced from the Shopify page, the best way to understand how to make a unique selling proposition is to know the examples around us. Well, here we give an example of Unique Selling Proposition from a world-famous brand that you can make as a reference.

1. Starbucks.

Most people today must be familiar with the name Starbucks. Beginning with a small coffee shop from Washington, now Starbucks has managed to open its branches almost all over the world.

Why can they succeed until it opened a branch in many countries? Of course because they have the right unsi-selling proposition, namely premium coffee. So, even though the coffee they offer is priced at expensive prices, but the quality does not need to be doubted.

So, with always consistent and focusing in improving the quality of premium coffee, Starbucks has a unique selling proposition that makes it look different and prominent from its competitors.

2. Zappos.

Zappos is an online store that focuses on providing shoes, clothing, and accessories that are very prominent than competitors. They have a feature that makes it very favored by consumers, namely shipping and returning items for free.

Buying shoes in an online store is certainly very risky, because it could be that the shoe does not match the size of the foot. But, Zappos customers have no doubt to buy, because when the selected size is not appropriate, they don’t need to worry about returning it again.

Shipping and this free return becomes unique selling proposition and makes them different from competitors.


Thus the complete explanation of us is related to the understanding of Unique Selling proposition and its impact on business progress. Unique Selling Proposition is one of the important elements that must be considered by a brand if you want the product to be more prominent than competitors.

For that, if your product wants to look more prominent, try to immediately determine the Unique Selling Proposition and set a good marketing strategy so that it can create a positive image for customers.

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