Understanding Website and Benefits for Your Business

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Understanding Website and Benefits for Your Business

Understanding Website and Benefits for Your Business 1

Understanding a website is a collection of information on a page that has a related topic. A website is generally summarized in a domain that is placed in a web server (hosting) that can be accessed through an internet address (URL).

In the business world, hosting is likened to an empty plot of land that will be used to set up shop. Land size usually uses km2 units, while hosting uses megabytes (MB).

Website likened to a store that will be made. Once you have vacant land, of course the next step is to build a shop on it. To build a “shop” you certainly need experts, or build your own if you have the capability for it.

Domain is likened to the name of the store that you have built. The name is certainly needed so that your store is easily recognized by people. In choosing a shop name, you cannot use a name that already exists. Example: You cannot use the tokoku.com domain if someone else has used it first.

Benefits of a Website for Business

At the beginning of its creation in 1989, the website was used as a tool for the exchange of information of scientists in tertiary institutions. In 1994, the website began to be used for other purposes such as businesses (Microsoft, IBM, and Pizza Hut), organizations (Amnesty International), government agencies (White House), news sites (The Telegraph and The Economist), and search engines (Yahoo! ).

Increase Consumer Confidence

One habit that is often done by consumers is finding out the product to be bought first. This search is usually done through the Google search engine.

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This is consistent with AdWeek’s research, that 81% of consumers seek information first on Google, before deciding to buy a product.

Therefore, the website has a very important role in increasing consumer confidence. With the appearance of your website in Google’s search results, consumers will feel more confident with your product.

Based on Verisign’s survey, 65% of business owners say that websites can make their business look more credible or trustworthy. This means, the website becomes one of the determining factors for success in a business.

If your website does not appear on Google’s search engine, consumers will doubt, and it is very possible to switch to other products that already have a website.

As a Central Store

Selling through the marketplace or social media is quite effective. However, you will have difficulty building brand awareness if you only rely on the two platforms.

Selling through social media is quite effective, but it will be a waste if your business doesn’t have a website yet. Social media can be used to encourage potential customers on social media to visit your website.

While the marketplace can be likened to a branch store of your business. Selling in a marketplace is like renting a booth from the owner of that marketplace. So, if there are problems or policy changes, you must obey the rules of the marketplace.

It’s different if you have your own website. In this case, you are a shop owner who has rented his own land, so you will be more flexible in managing the website. You can choose what design to use, what content to load, and so on. Everything you can set yourself.

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Have an Email with a Custom Domain

One other advantage of having a website is that you can have email with a special domain. You no longer need to use a free domain name like @ gmail.com, @ yahoo.com, @ hotmail.com, and so on.

This advantage can also make it easier for consumers to recognize which email is official from your business. This method is very effective to minimize the risk of fraud on behalf of your company.

Therefore, immediately make a website if you do not currently have it. And don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target the marketing targets you want and gives you many choices for marketing your product.