Understanding the Right Marketing Techniques in a Business

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Understanding the Right Marketing Techniques in a Business

Understanding the Right Marketing Techniques in a Business

Content is the key to an online business. The more interesting the content you create, the more subscribers you reach. However, not all business people can create good and interesting content. Therefore, there needs to be other marketing techniques so that the product or service being marketed reaches the customer.

Several marketing techniques are well known on the internet. However, many business people have difficulty implementing it in online business. As a result, the method used is still door to door. Even though in an online business without meeting customers face-to-face, you can still market products.

Especially now that the world is being hit by a pandemic. Reducing face-to-face and maintaining distance is important. Besides, business people, including you, need to implement the right marketing techniques so that sales of products or services remain stable.

Then, what are the right marketing techniques for business people to use?

1. Storytelling

Customers everywhere love storytelling. So, the most effective way to reach customers is to provide interesting stories. You can create content on social media based on experiences or recommendations from other customers.

Not only that, the sentences made are educational but also unwittingly invite customers to make transactions. This is an example of a good marketing technique that is easy to apply to novice business people.

2. Call to Action

Every business must have different target customers. Therefore, business people need to provide a call to action in every content. Either on social media or blogs. Usually, the call to action is presented at the very end of the content. However, sometimes it can also be placed in the middle or even front.

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In essence, a call to action invites people to make transactions. Not only for purchasing products but also for using services. Marketing techniques such as call to action usually use clear and straightforward sentences. Thus, making customers want to reach you and immediately conduct business transactions.


3. Internal Link

In any written content, it’s a good idea to insert an internal link in a few paragraphs. The goal is to attract subscribers to a wider range of content. Can go to the website or marketplace page. But it can also be about product or service knowledge.

Internal link placement can be flexible. You are free to put it anywhere. However, don’t put too many internal links so that the customer’s attention doesn’t get bored. Try to observe competitors in placing internal links. You can imitate then modify it. Internal links are created so that customers are curious about the content you create. Marketing techniques like this are quite effective for online businesses.

4. Email Subscriptions

Usually, the email subscription is placed at the end of the content. This is important to show. This is because it invites customers to find out the latest information about your business. Customers only need to enter an email, then periodically they will be given information.

Email subscriptions are used to find out how many loyal customers are to your business. So reward your subscribers when they give you an email. You can give vouchers or other forms. Provide the best and most updated information to keep customers interested in your business.

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5. Blog

Blogs are used by business people as a means of convincing customers of your business. Besides, blogs can be filled with education. It could be that the education provided is not only related to products or services but knowledge of digital marketing. However, effective blogs still include a call to action.

In addition to education, blogs can be a means of consideration for customers to determine which products or services are used. To go to a blog, usually use internal links so that customers don’t mistakenly look for the blog.

From your knowledge of the above marketing techniques, you should try any or all of them. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and provides you with multiple options for marketing your product.