Understanding Push Notification and Benefits You Can Use

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Understanding Push Notification and Benefits You Can Use

Understanding Push Notification and Benefits You Can Use

If you ever get a message on the top right or bottom of the browser that offers activation notifications for the website, this is called push notification. This feature is arguably the most widely used on the website for the past few years. At this time, we will discuss more about push notifications to understand their understanding and benefits.

Definition of Push Notification

Push notification is a notification message that appears on the screen of your device and browser. Push Notification can indeed be categorized as a very important marketing tool to use.

Benefits of Using Push Notification

This time we will provide an explanation of some of the benefits of using push notification for your website.

Solution to Stay Connected with Mobile Users

If you assume that there is no other way to stay connected with mobile users other than providing a mobile application, that is wrong. With push notification, your site can still be connected to mobile users, even when the user closes your site, so you won’t lose your connection completely with them. With this feature, you can send notifications to visitors, even after they close your site. Just like how it works in a mobile application.

Supports Various Platforms and Browsers

Push notification works well in almost all browsers, especially popular browsers that master global usage, namely Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This feature also supports mobile browsers, especially Android. So, by using a web push notification, you can reach a very large audience across the browser to visit your site.

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Communicating Without Knowing Contact Details

Now you don’t need to know the user’s email address or their mobile number to send the latest updates. It is one of the best features that makes Push Notification a marketing tool. With Web Push Notification or browser technology, each user who becomes a follower will have a unique anonymous ID generated internally.

There are many other advantages to this, one of which users can easily subscribe to Push Notification by just clicking a button. Unlike subscribing to an email newsletter, users must type their name and email to subscribe. But in this case, most people don’t like to do it.

Instant Delivery Within Seconds

In the marketing process of a website, of course sometimes there is important information that must be given to users quickly, be it information about sales, reminders or important news. In general, these things need to be notified and read by website users as soon as possible.

Push notification is the best channel for sending notifications with such high priority, moreover the news is sent in Real Time. If website users are connected to the internet, they will receive the notification immediately after sending.

Higher Opt-in Compared to Email

When discussing Opt-in, which is higher between list building in newsletters and push notifications, it can be said that push notifications can be 50 times higher than email newsletters. The reason is very simple. As we have discussed before, because to subscribe to a newsletter (email), someone must provide their email. Because this might make some people uncomfortable, do not want to reveal their identity and the rest feel lazy having to type in an email address.

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It can be concluded that Push Notification is very important and gives benefits to your website.