Understanding Online Grocery Shoppers and Food Delivery App Users During COVID

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“Search advertisements is terribly various from the common display and video advertisements world. Search advertising is a lot more based on keyword focused queries, so it is extremely focused against its user. In terms of ad formats as well, while there are a lot of new ad formats, which video and reveal advertisements has to present, but I strongly feel that the quest ads is less intrusive, as the common event on the ads is awfully user intent related. The ads are only showcased when a user actually searches for something in the variety of search queries. In fact, surveys have indicated that 90% of the searchers, they know precisely what they’re truly looking for.

And that’s a very, very strong signal, which also makes it a load more performance oriented. And in reality, it’s easier to nudge the users towards the general end goal of the advertiser to boot, if it is it is when it comes to the purchase it’s meant to be made or when it comes to a down load or a sign in, which is needed to be done. ” “Search advertisements will not be only concentrated on performance to boot, but I think it is aiding the users at every end of the advertising funnel, whether it is driving brand attention or attention or performance and even retargeting, so I think search advertising is there at all stages of the funnel. It has giant impact across the user funnel. In fact, while there are newer ad codecs available in the market, search advertisements still contributes to love 25% of the normal digital media spends when it comes to market share. And I think it’s the second largest digital commercials format after social in addition.

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So I think it’ll proceed to grow in the years to return. But search ads is a extremely relevant tool for advertisers across their buyer journey when it comes to advertising and marketing.