Understanding of targeting audience and how to determine it

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Understanding of targeting audience and how to determine it

Understanding of targeting audience and how to determine it

If you are wanting to target an audience with a high value using social media ads and also looking for new ideas, then use a targeting audience is the answer.

So, what is the targeting audience? Well, on this occasion we will discuss more in-depth about targeting audience. For that, let’s read the article about this targeting audience until it’s finished.

Why need to know the level of audience awareness?

To get started, then the first step you have to do to be able to increase advertising targeting, especially Instagram, is by knowing the level of awareness of your audience.

Every audience must be following one of the three groups below:

1. Top of the Funnel (Tofu)

This one prospect has a low level of awareness and there is a possibility that it has not been involved in various content on your brand. They might first enter your conversion funnel.

For this reason, you must take a demographics-based targeting, what interests and behaviors are very suitable for this Tofu process, specifically when you pair this audience with one of the destinations on the Awareness ad on your Instagram.


In this section, your audience already knows about your business brand, but they still need a little more related information about your services or products before they want to make a purchase.

They already have to interact with your business brand, they might be able to watch videos, save the post, or you can also click on your website.

By retargeting and the purpose of advertising considerations, you can successfully target this one prospect.

3. Bottom of the Funnel (Bofu)

Generally, the audience in this group already has the intention to buy and is ready to make a purchase. They only need one more encouragement to your ad campaign.

An audience that has completed action with high intentions, such as filling out a prospect form is a very appropriate candidate to enter into this type of audience, especially with the purpose of conversion.

After completion of targeting each group more effectively, it is time for you to make a successful Instagram advertising funnel. From this, you can continue to add new people to the Tofu audience and guide the prospect towards conversion with a higher value at the bottom of your funnel.

8 ways of targeting audience effectively

1. Saved Audience

When you first start doing ads on the prospect of Tofu on your Instagram, then you are likely to not have a lot of data to do. Naturally, this one prospect just knows your brand, so they don’t want to visit your website, watch your video, or send a message directly.

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Instead, your brand buyer persona is a very good place to start. You can use location, age, gender, and language attributes to create a saved audience

The saved audience can also target a list of interests in interest, behavior, professional associations, and various other factors.

So, even though you have been able to use an audience stored with the aim of whatever Instagram ads you do, then they will be very suitable for your targeting campaign. By pairing the audience with the aim of the ad, you can get as many Tofu customers as possible.

When you guide them by using the Instagram channel, you can change them to become a more valuable audience.

2. Special audience-based Instagram account

The Instagram account you have can be used as a very good audience source. Although the audience in the BOFU category is generally able to provide very fast value, targeting other groups will allow you to be able to build value from time to time.

3. Video-based special audience

Have you published interesting video content on your Instagram? Repeat users who have been involved with your videos can you make a smart way to increase their consideration to take action.

Why? Because the targeting option with this video base is very broad, you can be very detailed again when designing this type of audience.

For Tofu audiences, then retargeting users with very low involvement, such as when the ad video they watch is at least 3 seconds or a minimum of 25% of your video.

For this reason, consider well when using this audience with the aim of traffic advertisements capable of directing users to blog posts.

As for the MOFU audience, retargeting with a high level of engagement like those who have finished watching your video or minimally denying for 50% of the video. If you want to put this audience to increase ad traffic, then you can direct them to the website section to get a higher purpose.

4. Special viewers based on website visitors

If indeed your website has received quite a lot of traffic, then you can use the analytics for your sake. You can advertise on all website visitors, so your website traffic will be more.

5. Special Event-Based Audience (Event) Website

By using Instagram ads, you can also build an audience based on events on your website. First, do the preparation process of the Facebook Pixel Event, so you can start tracking the main actions on your website.

Then, choose an event that can determine the type of audience retarget that you want to make. Like for example, you can target users to complete your prospect program with the aim of conversion ads.

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Because the audience in it is a body audience, this process will become closer to conversion and be able to provide more value for your business.

6. Special Audience Based on Prospect (Lead Form)

If your team has succeeded in running Instagram ads with the aim of the prospect form, then you can extract more than the data value. For that, make an Instagram audience with users involved with your prospect form ads in several ways.

If your custom audience form is indeed quite large, it will greatly make sense to make it more specific. You can add some targeting or do exceptions to those who have low awareness.

7. Special audience based customer listings

If your business is service-based and already has a list of e-mail or customers who have chosen to receive marketing from your company, then you can target Instagram users who fit your business profile.

You certainly can download all your customers’ lists to use using a more general brand awareness campaign. You can get more values ​​from the list if you can take the time to group your customers first.

8. Lookalike Audience

Advertise on a custom audience will offer many opportunities with a high value. In addition, targeting will allow you to find people who are following the person’s person or repeat targeting that has known your business.

However, what if you want to target and reach more prospects using Instagram ads?

The trick is to input a similar audience that can include users similar to a special audience.


If you are indeed struggling to target the audience with a high value using Instagram, then try to set up on old advertisements and try to start designing a more effective advertising funnel.

Increasing your ad targeting you can start by knowing the level of awareness of your audience. Then, you can use the eight tips above to be able to reach people at each of your Funnel levels.

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