Understanding of management, type, and its role in a company

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Understanding of management, type, and its role in a company

Understanding of management type and its role in a company

Definition of Management

The definition of management according to Wilson is the one that is the most easily understood. He stated that management in a company means a set of actions or activities that are sought or carried out by all members of the company to achieve a target.

So how is a company without management? Surely it won’t work well. Just imagine you’re driving towards the city of A from City B, without management or clear path, you will find it difficult to achieve your destination, bad, you can not get to the destination.

The role of management in the company

Based on the definition of management that has been described above, it can be withdrawn that the level of management in the company is very important, namely to ensure everything related to achieving goals can be made successfully.

Whatever, what is done in the company’s management? Yuk, find out more and read this article.


Without a plan, then what was about to run? Therefore, the most important step in the company’s management is to plan. This is important in determining the ultimate goal, direction, and mecca company.

This plan is not only one, some are called annual plans, long-term plans, medium plans, and short-term plans.


The process placement process is also an important part of the company’s management. With such a plan, a manager must be good at dividing and placing each worker into each concerned job.

This is crucial, because if the wrong hand, the company’s goal can fail.


After placing each task on the right members, the briefing is carried out for the management of the company more directed. In directing, managers must be detailed and precision in order to be clearly understood by company workers. This is what will later be the starting point of the company’s mission.

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After planning, placement, and briefing are given, managers must be good at overseeing or supervising each part of the worker. Scheduled and directed supervision will make missions ‘strikes’ or ‘misguided’ back to the right track.

With the four things done in the company’s management, there are several things that are expected to be achieved, namely the presence of leaders, planning, preparation, and supervision in accordance with the delegation of responsibility for any existing human resources.

Type of management

The type of management is very wide. All real things can be one of the management branches. For example, time management, that is when you have to plan and execute the allocation of time for each activity in a certain period.

Another example is the management of the field, which is when you plan and allocate income to survive every month and support family members.

These things don’t escape the company’s management too. However, there is no definite amount of the type of management in a company, all of it depends on the company itself. Industry Is the company, how many profits are obtained every year, and there are still many other things.

Therefore, several types of company management can be mentioned include strategy management, cost management, organizational management, risk management, natural resource management, administrative management, production management, financial management, marketing management, and others.


Understanding the meaning of management is a crucial thing for a company to achieve the desired goal. The company’s management has a contribution and a big role in directing each member in carrying out its mission to achieve the company’s vision. Thus, short, medium and long-term goals have a great opportunity to be achieved.

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The thing you need to pay attention to is financial management with good bookkeeping and minimal errors to know the health of your business. Good bookkeeping will produce good financial statements and will certainly affect your overall business.

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