Understanding of hard skills, examples, and functions for business development

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Understanding of hard skills, examples, and functions for business development

Understanding of hard skills examples and functions for business development

Definition of Hard Skill

The definition of hard skills is the ability that can be learned obtained and enhanced through exercises, repetition and education. Hard skills are important because it can increase the productivity and efficiency of employees also increase employee satisfaction.

Hard skills are part of the series of skills needed for a job. Hard skills are a skill needed for an individual to succeed in doing work.

Hard skills can be obtained through formal education and training programs, including lectures, internships, short-term training classes, online courses, and certification programs, and training at work. However, if only a hard skill business will not be successful so that employees have other skills, such as soft skills that contribute to customer satisfaction.

In business, hard skills often refer to the basics of financial accounting and modeling. In a broad sense, the definition of hard skills can refer to skills in complex tasks. Fluency in language, knowledge of Photoshop or PowerPoint, or expertise in carpentry is all hard skills that can be learned and enhanced by exercise.

The businessman and recruiters are most often looking for this hard skill in a professional resume of prospective employees. Every hard skill that someone has is supported by certificates, degrees, or other qualifications that indicate the level of achievement.

Hard Skill example

After you know the deep understanding of the hard skill, then it is about the example of the hard skill itself. Hard skills include the special knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in a job. These types of skills are studied and can be defined, evaluated, and measured. Here is an example of a hard skill that you can have or can you use your CV when applying at the company.

1. Computer technology

In today’s world, all employees must have at least a basic understanding of computer technology, and many companies need candidates to apply for jobs using a technology-based platform.

Show your prospective boss that you are ready to embrace the technology needed to do your work effectively. Here is an example of a hard skill in the field of computer technology:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Social media
  • HTML.
  • Analysis
  • Pivot table

2. Hard communication skills

Although effective communication is often seen as soft skills, there are several ways of your concrete strength as communicators can be shown. Shows your communication skills can effectively help you stand out more than other candidates. Here’s an example of Hard Communication Skill:

  • Foreign language
  • Digital communication
  • Copywriting.

3. Data analysis

Data analysis expertise is highly valued in various industries not only in the financial sector. The ability to analyze data and then use that information for the benefit of your company is very useful. Here is an example of hard data analysis hard skills, among others:

  • Data Mining.
  • Data Presentation.
  • Resource Management.
  • Data Engineering.
  • Database Management
  • All that uses data to explore problems or make decisions

4. Certification and license

Even though they may not be hard skills themselves, certifications and licenses to prove to the prospective company leadership that you have the ability to find. If you have a specific job or industry that you apply for, you must always display it clearly in your CV. Some of the types of certifications and licenses are commonly included in the hard skill:

  • Learning Management Systems, such as Blackboard, Canvas.
  • Data Management Systems, such as Colleague
  • License related to health care
  • Certificate, awards, industrial recognized badges
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5. Marketing

The ability to convince consumers to buy company products or services will always be very valuable for prospective employers. However, success in marketing is directly correlated with increased income. There are several hard marketing hard skills which are very sought after in recent years:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Google Analytics.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress

6. Project management

Project management is a profession that covers various industries, including information technology, health care, and construction. Therefore, project management skills have become very valuable for many entrepreneurs. Some hard project management skills include:

  • Agile Methodologies, Like Scrum
  • Project Management Software, such as Trello and Zoho

7. Design

Although talented aristic naturally, there are certain design elements and tools that must be learned through education or training. As technology advances, consumer standards for design aesthetics also increase. This applies all types of designers. This means your skills are more in demand. Then some new tools that you might need to learn to build a successful career. Here are some examples of some of the most desired hard skills by entrepreneurs:

  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Indesign, etc.)
  • Digital Product Design Software, such as Invision and Zeppelin

8. Cloud Computing.

Along with the development of network and internet technology, the more businesses turn to Cloud Computing as a convenient data and management solution. This means that people who have the skills to build and manage the cloud tissue are very in demand. The following are some examples of hard skills that are searched by entrepreneurs when hiring professional cloud computing:

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Storage and Data Management
  • Networking Communication.
  • Cloud Middleware Technologies
  • Cloud Applications, such as JSON, Rest, and RPC

9. Cellular & Web Development

Some new websites are made every second, and in cellular, more than 6,000 applications are released per day in the first quarter of 2018 only for Android. All of these websites and applications can only be made by people with cellular and web development skills needed. Here are some examples of hard skills that you need to become successful developers:

  • Revision Control Systems Software
  • Android Development
  • IOS App Development
  • Web Architecture and Development Framework
  • Angular and node apps

10. Network Structure & SECURITY

Company data is priceless if sensitive data leaks or is stolen because of the wrong network security, it can cost the company’s costs. Professional IT who has the skills to protect data is in demand higher than before. Being a company data protector is not an easy thing, it requires you to learn the following:

  • Encryption algorithm
  • Authentication system
  • Risk Assessment
  • Cryptography
  • Virtual and host-based firewalls
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Hard Skill Function for Business Development

To develop a business certainly needed hard skill capabilities. All work in business is mostly professional position, requiring a hard skill. As a business owner or company certainly has to choose employees who have a good hard skill. This is intended for the company to develop better and also get a lot of corporate income.

Business will run if in the business there are people who have hard skills in accordance with the business fields developed. Without the good hard skills owned by employees, the business will become less healthy. It can be a poor production, or in the field of marketing that makes business not develop.

Business in the field of graphic design, business technology companies, and companies that produce foodstuffs. For example in the production of foodstuffs, companies need workers who have the hard skills required for the field. As operator of production machines.


After knowing the notion of hard skills and the importance of hard skills, of course you have to improve your hard skill skills. Having certain hard skills shows someone’s ability to successfully do work and fulfill their duties.

For many professions in many companies, Hard Skill’s ownership is important to ensure the company’s financial success. However, in some cases, hard skills worker skills are very important to prevent things that are not wanted.

A surgeon, for example, must have a very specific hard skill to ensure the occurrence of a danger for a patient. So that the hospital company must ensure surgeons are people who truly understand and are competent in that field.

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