Understanding of digital marketing and how to maximize it in business

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Understanding of digital marketing and how to maximize it in business

Understanding of digital marketing and how to maximize it in business

Knowing the Definition of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Advertising? Whatever its designation, marketing your company online is important now. However, users have increased more than doubled over the past decade and this shift has greatly affected the way people buy products and interact with business.

Marketing is always about connecting your target market in the right place and at the right time. This means interacting with your clients where they have spent most of their day – on the internet.

Consumers are always online, connected to the web through smartphones, laptops, computers, and other countless devices. In fact, the use of “constant” internet among adults around the world increased by 5% over the past 3 years. If you have not invested in a digital marketing strategy, you lost a serious opportunity for sales.

So, what is the definition of digital marketing or digital marketing? Digital marketing such as other types of marketing – this is a way to connect with and affect your prospective customers. The actual difference is, you are connected with and affect these customers online.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Basically, the definition of digital marketing is a means of promotion for a product, brand, or service. It uses various forms of electronic media, including cellular instant messaging, SEO, podcasts, video marketing, social media, and email marketing.

The best thing about digital marketing is that it is inherently it can be measured. Because your campaign and program is done online, the campaign is easy to track and analyzed, so you can learn from your results and improve your digital marketing strategy from time to time.

Digital marketing is present in various shapes and sizes.

There is a B2C marketing campaign, which is intended to help your brand connected with the standard consumers and B2B marketing strategies for businesses who want to sell to other businesses.

6 pillars in digital marketing

The world of online marketing has grown, and currently there are clearly more than one way to market your product or service on the internet.

The good news is that even though this area is a separate marketing category, all can work together to achieve goals and grow your business.

Digital marketing can be categorized in 6 main scientific disciplines:

  • Content Marketing – manufacture and publication of useful content designed to attract, educate, and maintain your target audience.
  • Native Advertising – Also called Advertorial, Original Advertising is an online advertising type that resembles website editorial content or publications they promote.
  • Pay per click advertising (PPC) – PPC is a marketing strategy involving online advertising. Advertisers pay every time a user clicks on one of their ads.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This is the practice of improving the website so that it becomes friendly search engines and carry organic traffic to websites.
  • Social Media Marketing – Practice promoting products or services on social media platforms.
  • Email Marketing – Marketing Approaches that use email as a way of marketing and maintaining potential and existing clients.

Strategy to maximize digital marketing on business

Now after you know a little about understanding and various types of digital marketing tactics, it is time to learn the basics of making strategies.

From persona to the right tool, there are many big and small things that can help or hinder the success of digital marketing strategies in your business.

This is the basic thing you need to make sure your strategy works well:

1. Use a persona buyer

If before, Digital Marketers collect qualitative and quantitative information about the target audience that includes age, gender, work, interest, and location. The definition of potential customers has changed at this time, and turned into a persona buyer. At present, the most effective marketing strategy is incomplete without it.

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Persona Buyers are a term used to describe ideal customers that can be determined by surveying and contacting predetermined target groups.

2. Identify your goals and tools

Every professional marketer knows how important this stage is. Without purpose, the strategy will not succeed, so defining it is your main task. Make sure that the goal you develop is appropriate, and make it measurable.

Examples of weak marketing goals: Increase conversion on the website next year and make two promotional offers.

What’s wrong with this purpose? Right, it can’t be measured! How can someone measure progress using this goal?

Here’s how to formulate it:

Increase the conversion on the website of 20 percent in the first quarter of 2020, and for two promotional offers: free marketing reports and marketing books. Make sure this program runs in February and March.

From there, you can measure the success of your business marketing now.

3. Focus on blogging

Make high-quality content important for any digital marketing strategy. Blogging is one way to create quality content for sites and expand your content marketing strategies.

The key aspects of this strategy have important functions, including bringing more traffic to your website, strengthening social media visibility, positioning themselves against other companies, and rating all search queries and long-term keywords.

If you have a blog that is updated regularly and is useful for visitors, meaning that your website will be easily found through search engines and can be used as a platform for your marketing campaign.

4. Evaluation of existing digital marketing channels

Analysis of digital assets and channels that you have used, including websites, blog content, social media accounts, word-of-mouth, native advertising, Google Adwords, Paid Advertising, and so on. Ask yourself: How effective are they and how can they be used next year?

It’s okay if your future digital marketing strategy process doesn’t include all these elements, but certainly must use the most effective elements in the previous year.

For example, if the landing page you make recently effective in producing prospects, use it again but increase as much as possible. The same applies to assets and other channels.

5. Automate marketing

Marketing automation is very large, and only becomes better with new technology and software. The leading marketing automation platform can do wonders for your digital marketing strategy, making it easier for you to automate activities such as content marketing, email marketing, prospects acquisition, and more.

In addition, it is easy to find a marketing automation platform that is integrated with your company’s CRM sales, which increases the overall sales process.

If your company still hasn’t used marketing automation, make sure you add it to your business strategy this year.

6. Optimize Sellular Marketing

This is an era that prioritizes cellular, and there is no reason not to perfect your site for an extraordinary cellular experience. Cellular optimization includes page speed, site design, and various other search engine optimization practices to ensure that people visit your site using cellular devices getting a good experience.

Review your cellular responsive design and template your email to ensure that you use the latest method and only provide relevant and useful data.

7. Facilitate customers to reach you

Online business is about connecting with prospective customers, so traffic on your website must be high to ensure positive results.

Therefore, your digital marketing strategy must ensure that your prospects and visitors do not exert bad efforts to connect with you. Engage with your customers is very valuable for your business.

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To eliminate unnecessary efforts, you must ensure that landing pages do not request irrelevant data. Create an invitation to act or CTA it is clearly seen in the landing page and other pages on your site.

8. Use the right technology

Marketing efforts will be in vain if the technology used is not effective or inappropriate.

For the right digital marketing strategy, you need tools such as marketing automation software and correct industrial tools. There are tools that can help you during each stage of the digital marketing process, including tools that help you identify targets to tools that help you track from where your visitors come from, for example Google Analytic.

9. Make sure your Unique Selling Point (USP)

If your company is no different from your competitors, you should not expect high profits.

Make sure you change (or strengthen) your differences from your competitors by talking to your customers and asking why they choose your company.

Each company has a unique sales proposition, attributes that distinguish you from competitors. Do research and work to find out what it is. Then, repair the existing distinguishing if needed. Combine this message into your content marketing campaign.

10. Track always your marketing process

Constant monitoring must be done to ensure that strategies work effectively. This is done by assigning the team that will carry out this task. Remember to learn from mistakes and always find improved opportunities!

There is a lot of work involved in designing a digital marketing strategy process, but a plan that is effective and carefully thought it will make it easier.


That is understanding, techniques and in-depth strategies to make digital marketing that is right for your business. Make sure you use the strategy that we are reviewing above so that your business has directed marketing, especially in the digital world.

Also make sure you have enough budget so that your digital marketing process goes optimally. Record every cost you spend in the digital marketing process so you can find out the benefits you get from this process.

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