Understanding of competence: type, benefit, and influence in the company

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Understanding of competence: type, benefit, and influence in the company

Understanding of competence type benefit and influence in the company

The definition of competence in general is a skill possessed by each individual in carrying out a task or work in a particular field, in accordance with the position that has been given.

Some experts say that the definition of competence is a expertise, fundamental attitude, knowledge, and value possessed by individuals who can be seen from how they think or do something consistently.

That is, competence is not only interpreted as a person’s knowledge or expertise, but also a person’s desire to do what he knows, so that it is able to provide benefits.

Jack Gordon said that there are at least 6 elements contained in the concept of competence, namely knowledge, understanding, ability, value, attitude, and interest.

If traced from the origin of the origin, competence is the word absorption of English, namely Competence or Competency which has the meaning of ability, authority, and skills.

That way, the definition of competence is a combination of knowledge, skills, and personality attributes of each individual, so as to improve its performance and be able to contribute a good for the success of its company.

Understanding of competence according to experts

  • Stephen Robbin.

Stephen Robbin believes that competence is a skill or capacity of everyone to do tasks in a job, which is based on physical factors and intellectual factors.

  • Van Looy, Van Dierdyck, and Gemmel

These three experts explain that the definition of competence is a characteristic possessed by humans to be able to interconnect with the effectiveness of a performance that can be seen from how they act, think and behave.

  • Sedarmayanti

Sedarmayanti states that the definition of competence is a character that makes a person able to be interconnected with the effectiveness of individual performance in doing his work.

  • A A. Anwar Prabu Mangkunegara

According to Mangkunegara, the definition of competence is a major factor contained in someone who does have more abilities and make it different from others in terms of ability.

  • UU no. 13 of 2003.

Based on Law No. 13 of 2003 related to employment, the definition of work competence is a work skills owned by everyone who includes elements of knowledge, skills, and also the attitude of work that is in accordance with the standards previously set.

Types of competencies

Some experts have their own views related to the types of competencies. Some types of competencies that have been explained by some of these experts are:

1. Dean Lyle Spencer and Matthew Lyle Spencer

The two experts argue that competencies can be divided into two main types, namely

  • Basic competencies, namely a distinctive feature that someone must have to be able to carry out various work tasks.
  • Disclasttion competencies, namely various factors that are able to distinguish work performance to each individual.

2. Charles E. Jhonson

Charles E. Jhonson divides competencies into three parts, namely:

  • Personal Competency, is everyone’s skills in various things related to the development of a person’s personality.
  • Professional Competency, is a person’s expertise in various things that are closely related to the implementation and resolution of certain tasks in his work.
  • Social Competency, is a person’s expertise in various matters relating to life and also social interests.

3. Kunandar.

Kunandar in his book published in 2007 said that competencies were divided into five types, namely:

  • Intellectual competence, is a set of knowledge possessed by someone needed to carry out his work.
  • Physical competence, is a person’s physical ability to complete various tasks.
  • Personal competence, is a set of behavior that is closely related to the expertise of a person in understanding, realizing, identity and self transformation.
  • Social competence, is a set of special behaviors that are the basic reference to self-understanding as part of social life.
  • Spiritual competence, is a person’s ability to understand, live, and do various religious teachings.
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Benefits of Competence

Competence owned by everyone has an important role in the effectiveness of implementing various job assignments. Ruky explained that many large companies have used competence as a basis for criteria in recruiting labor.

  • According to him, there are several benefits of recruiting work with competencies, namely:
  • Clarify a work standard and also the dream you want to achieve.
  • To select potential workers.
  • Maximizing company productivity.
  • Develop a remuneration system.
  • To help the company’s adaptation of changes that occur.
  • Balance work behavior with the rules contained in the company

The effect of competence in the work environment

You need to know that competencies have a very important role in the world of work. This is because competencies are always proportional to the development of a company. So, the higher the competency value of the company, the higher the development of the company to be able to achieve its main objectives.

Competence can also help companies know the extent to which employees are able to provide the best in accordance with the company’s vision and mission.

How to Improve Work Competence

The company must also help improve the work competence of its employees because it affects each other between employees and companies. There are various activities to improve employee competencies.


However, the activities carried out must be carried out continuously, so as to maintain employee competencies in it, evaluate if there is a lack of performance, or develop the quality of employee performance to get better. The following is the best way to improve employee work competencies.

1. Professional skill training

The Job Training Program is an important agenda that the company must be held in order to improve the work competence of its employees. The work training program is also carried out to maintain while increasing the productivity and company performance.

2. Job Enrichment.

Job Enrichment is an activity of providing JobDesk and greater responsibility to employees. The increase in jobdesk can be in the form of the complexity of the system or the quantity of the JobDesk itself.

In it, employees will feel challenged to be able to carry out new tasks and responsibilities, so that their competence will increase automatically.

3. Appeal study

Appealing studies are activities that can be done by the company to be able to increase knowledge in its application in the company so that the application can be done well and employee competence can increase. This comparative study is usually done by companies engaged with similar industrial fields or with their competitors.

In addition, comparative studies will also motivate employees to be more innovative and more creative in work. Later, employee competence will develop automatically due to the motivation.

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4. Promotion

Position promotion is the transfer of the task of a position to another that is higher level with income, benefits, responsibilities, jobdesk, and even greater potential to be able to improve his career. A set of new assignments provided by employees will motivate them to work more diligently than usual.

5. Work rotation

The work routine that alone will certainly make employees get bored and saturated quickly, so that it will reduce its productivity. This will also reduce employee competence. For that work rotation is needed.

The work rotation is the transfer of employees from the branch or another place in accordance with the JOBDESK and the same division as the previous one.

Later, employees will have a new routine which is certainly not boring, so it will encourage them to work more effectively and more efficiently.

6. Build Team Work

In a company it will certainly consist of various different individual backgrounds. Even so, building team work is very necessary to facilitate and accelerate the company in realizing its objectives.

Collaboration carried out by each individual in a good team will create a solution that is faster and also right in the face of the company’s challenges.

7. Creating a pleasant work environment

A fun work environment can be achieved in various ways, such as sufficient arrangement of facilities needed by employees, or building a harmonious work atmosphere between fellow employees. Facilities that make it easy for employees will make them work more focused.

Meanwhile, a harmonious work atmosphere between each employee will make employees get better and will grow the sense of owning the company. Combined from this way can make a more enjoyable work environment for employees.

8. Do activities outside the routine

Activities outside the work routine can be shaped with a joint or leisure. Although it is not often done, this is a good way to make employees feel at home in his work environment. When they feel better, they will also be more motivated to improve their work competencies automatically.

9. Personal Development

Individual personalities are something that cannot be separated by everyone. For this reason, the HRD team must be able to create an activity that is able to build a personal personality of each employee well. This good personality will make the work relationship between each employee become increasingly compact.


That is a complete explanation of the definition of competence, type, benefits, and how to improve employee competencies in a company. This discussion is very important to understand by business people or company management team so that companies can achieve their business goals easier.

You must also be able to improve employee competencies engaged in marketing strategy, financial management and accounting. So the company can work properly even though it is difficult.

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