Understanding management information systems, categories, functions, and benefits

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Understanding management information systems, categories, functions, and benefits

Understanding management information systems categories functions and benefits

Management is a system that is needed by humans when will manage an activity. Only with management, the objectives of the target of these activities will be achieved properly. Because it is in accordance with the sense of management itself, a process that is carried out for the achievement of goals by maximizing existing resources.

The management process certainly requires information related to the data that will be used as a basis for determining the management system to be used. This is termed with the SIM shortened management information system. The question is what is the understanding of the Management Information System or SIM?

With the existence of a digital technology system like today, all kinds of dynamics will be perfectly and systematically integrated with a technology tool like a computer. With this concept that the integrated information system certainly has advantages over other types of information systems.

When viewed from the analysis above, the Management Information System is an information system that uses computers in transforming data into digital information that can be utilized by the company.

Understanding of management information systems according to experts

1. Bodnar and Hopwood

According to Bodnar and Hopwood Understanding the Management Information System or SIM is a collection of hardware and software designed exclusively to be able to integrate data into a valid and useful digital information.

According to this expert a collection of hardware or hardware and software or software when combined then certainly refer to one technology device called a computer. In fact this device is the only one who is able to transform digital data quickly.

2. MC Leod.

Whereas according to MC LEDO Understanding the Management Information System is a management process in which there is a system with a similar capability of a computer brain, one of the abilities is to guarantee the availability of information data for users in the same need.

In this information there are services that explain what they have, medium, and possibilities that will occur in the next time.

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In this system concept, there are report content related to periodic reports, general special reports, and output data that display arithmetic simulation. Which later the system or the data can be used as the basis for managing the company in conducting research and analysis activities that are the basis for determining policy and decision.

3. James A.f Stoner

While James A.F Stoner has another view related to the understanding of the management information system. According to him the management information system or SIM is an official method used to ensure the availability of appropriate and accurate information and up to date. In order to be used immediately by management in conducting analysis and decision making. Expected with this system there will be a management process in a company that runs more effectively.

4. Turban

Turbans define management information systems simply, which according to him management information systems are systems that function to carry out collection, processing, storage facilities and analyzers and means to disseminate information for more exclusive goals.

Management Information System Category

Management information systems are divided into several types of categories. Which is the performance function of each Different SIM category that automatically the management of the management did it also different. Here is the SIM category in question:


1. Executive Information System

The first SIM category is Executive Information System that is abbreviated as EIS. This category is usually used by senior management when they will make one policy. Which policy or decision will later affect the entire organization. Can be concluded This category is a device that will be used if the information data needed has a high accuracy level.

2. Marketing Information System

The second category is the Marketing Information System that is abbreviated as MKIS. Usually this management information system is used by marketing personnel in reporting performance progress. Including the historical progress marketing that occurred in a certain period. In addition, information data produced is also used as the basis for determining policies for future marketing actions.

3. Business Intelligence System

Business Intelligence System is a SIM category used for operations in determining business policies. Basically is the collection, integration and results of reset data and information that has been collected in advance.

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Indeed this category is the same as EIS. Only what distinguishes is who uses it. If EIS is used by senior management while if the Intelligence system system is used by the position below.

In 3 categories of this management information system, it is certainly a very necessary thing is a transparent business financial report to facilitate management to make the best decisions. Will make it difficult if the financial statements and a mood of the process of finance is a mess.

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