Understanding influencer and its relationship to business development

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Understanding influencer and its relationship to business development

Understanding influencer and its relationship to business development

Know what is influencer

The era of digitizing changes the way people sell goods and services and develop their business. Sundries are dominated by online lines, then the steps taken in marketing and introducing business are also changing. One way online marketing that is widely used by online business developers is through influencers.

Basically using marketing with influencer services means that you use the services of people who have a reputation for marketing your products or services through the things they upload and show, they ‘affect’ the public through its social media accounts. This effect is distributed through the platform they have online, such as Instagram, YouTube, to blogs.

The role of influencers in business development

Introducing the business of zero is quite difficult, especially with thousands of distractions that exist online, where the audience has freedom in determining what they want to enjoy.

Therefore, the role of an influencer is to introduce and build consumer confidence in the product of goods or services offered.

With many followers, they seem to have his own fanbase. The field of technology, for example, will have many followers who like things smelling the latest technology trends.

Not infrequently followers make them a trust person in choosing a product. They are trusted as friends and credible sources. This is a ammunition for business developers to target their prospective consumers appropriately.

Benefits of Influencers in Business Development

# 1 targets the target market

As it has been mentioned a little above, with the followers they have, business developers can quickly and easily target the target market to be intended. This is-course – as long as business developers know the desired market target.

# 2 build trust

Like a friend and idol, it is not surprising that online followers want to know what products they use.

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With the testimonials given – also called the endors of followers can begin to find out about the product without feeling wasteful.

# 3 increase sales

After your product gets exposure and trust from the target market, then the sale of goods products or services can increase. Because more and more people know your products and the trust of your prospective consumer products increase.

Tips for Choosing Influencer

# 1 relevant to your business

Before the rush to determine, it’s a good idea to collect several candidates from the categories that are relevant to your business. Try browsing slowly and find some candidates.

# 2 Number of followers and service fees

Next, with the allocation of funds you have, try finding out how many must be spent for each of these candidates. This depends heavily on the number of followers he has. The more number of followers, the more expensive costs you have to spend. Why is that? Because with a large number of followers, your product will be reached and seen by more people too.

# 3 Reputation

After the candidate raises, try to see the best reputation between them. ‘Good’ that means the ratio between followers and engagement-like comments and likes-not too far, and the comment column is not filled with negative sentences.

That’s the three steps you need to pay attention to in choosing influencers to grow your business.


In order to be able to successfully develop a business in this all-digital era, one of the marketing adaptations that can be done is influencer services on social media. With their existence, businesses that are owned can be known and receive the trust of prospective consumers. The three things that need to be considered in choosing are their relevance to your type of business, number of followers and costs, and reputation.

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Interested in using influencer services for your business development? You need to know, use famous influencer services and already have a good reputation such as artists or sportsmen certainly has a fairly expensive price. You have to think about whether if you use the influencer service it will have a positive impact on your company.

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