Understanding and Introduction to Advertising Concepts

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Understanding and Introduction to Advertising Concepts
Understanding and Introduction to Advertising Concepts

Understanding and Introduction to Advertising Concepts

Without us knowing, advertising or advertisement has become a part of our daily lives. Wherever we go Greader, advertisements will always be around us. All advertisements that we have seen, have been compiled and designed to influence our thinking about a product or service through advertising efforts. What is advertising?

Advertising is an activity or communication effort carried out with a view to influencing people’s thoughts or perceptions of a product or service. In other words, Greader advertising can be referred to as advertising activities. The ultimate goal of advertising activities is to make a profit by making people interested in buying the product or service advertised. Advertising activities cannot be separated from marketing, because advertising is an important component of a marketing strategy.

Advertising can appear through a variety of media. Starting from traditional media such as newspapers, television, radio, and also new media such as social media. Advertising also appears in different forms, such as text, images, sound, and video.

There are 2 common approaches used to change people’s thinking through advertising:


Emotional approach is an approach that is done by touching someone’s feelings through advertisements made. By touching one’s feelings, advertising can change one’s perception of a product or service.

From those who do not like, can become like. Emotional approaches can be humor, something happy, or something sad. This emotional approach Greader is very suitable to be applied to make consumers remember our product or service for a long time. Connections between consumers and products can also be established through this approach.


A rational approach is an approach technique used to change people’s perceptions through logic. This approach emphasizes the function of the product or what benefits consumers will get if using our product. Rational approach is also closely related to the presentation of data, facts, testimonials, and how to use a product.

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In addition to approaching techniques, there are also things that must be known in an advertising activity. The concept known as AIDA Greader is Attention, Interest, Desire, Action which is an important component of an advertising activity. This concept will help us achieve the ultimate goal of advertising, namely consumers make purchases.

  • Attention

In making advertisements, the first thing we must pay attention to is that the ads we make must be able to attract the attention of consumers. If the ads we make are not enough to attract the attention of consumers, then they will not see the continuation of these advertisements and our efforts will be useless.

  • Interest

After we succeed in attracting the attention of consumers, the second thing we must do is build a sense of interest so that consumers see our ads further. In this section, we must provide information about our products so that consumer interest in our products also increases.

  • Desire

The third thing we must do is to make consumers believe that the product or service we offer is the solution to their problem. Once they know the product or service that we offer, make them believe that something we offer is the answer to their needs.

  • Action

Always end the ad that we make with a call action or an effort to call consumers to make a purchase. This business is very important so that consumers make purchases directly and not procrastinate.