Understanding and 4 aida marketing strategies that you need to try

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Understanding and 4 aida marketing strategies that you need to try

Understanding and 4 aida marketing strategies that you need to try

The ability of people doing business is often measured not only how many turnover you can achieve. But also how smart in reaching customers. After reaching, he can manage it to become a loyal customer. In order to be able to achieve everything, the businessman needs to do aida marketing.

At present, it cannot be denied that online marketing is reaching its peak. Almost all businessmen enters and are competing in online businesses. Therefore, every businessman applies different promotional strategies. Like, applying aida marketing concepts.

Although Aida Marketing is important for online marketing, in fact not all businessmen are able to apply it well. There are various obstacles such as difficulty even confused to practice them. Therefore, this article tries to explain in detail and complete.

Definition of Aida Marketing

Aida Marketing is a concept when a customer has been aware of a product, he then took into consideration until he finally decided to buy the product. Aida is also an abbreviation of Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

If translated into Indonesian, it means attention, interest, desire, and action. If it refers to its extension and definition, the customer becomes a node or main goal in the sales process.

Aida Marketing Strategy

After knowing what the meaning of Aida Marketing, you need to know how the strategy needs to be run. Actually, Aida Marketing is not something new. If you have ever been as a customer, and do business with a leading business company, the company usually uses this strategy.

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So, it is important for you to, not just knowing but also understand how the aida marketing strategy is. When you want to leave competitors, it’s time to apply this strategy.


The first way you can do to introduce your product to customers is to look for attention or attention. You can use it with various ways. One of them is through social media.

Instagram function as a means of promotion. Because, so far, Instagram is a good and useful promotional tool. The features on Instagram are able to meet inner satisfaction on customers.


When you have introduced products to customers, then it is how interest they are to buy your product. So that customers show their interests, you need to introduce Unique Selling Point Products. Because, it can be a product advantage that competitors do not have.

After finding out, you only have to wait for time. Then, the customer will contact you then transact with you.


This method needs to be done by business people. When customers show interest and interest in the product, you only need a little skill so that customers want to buy. You can provide a demo or test to customers. From there, customers will understand how far the quality of your product is.


This is the most awaited. You only have to observe whether after going through the three strategies, customers buy your product. So that customers decide to transact, try to offer special promos and discounts. Give a member card if the customer transacts with a large number.

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So, that’s a promotional way that makes customers not turn away. So this is the last strategy of the concept of Aida Marketing.

That is the meaning and four Aida Marketing strategies that you need to know. When you have understood the importance of Aida Marketing for business, you are ready to run a business. In order for business to grow, use the payment method that is in accordance with customer preferences. In order for your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.