Understand Types of Promotions Effective for Your Business

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Understand Types of Promotions Effective for Your Business

Understand Types of Promotions Effective for Your Business 1

Promotion as part of the business is familiar, especially in the business sector. However, not all people understand and understand what is meant by promotion and how the purpose of the promotion. Therefore in this article will be explained about the promotion and the ins and outs.

Promotion is a medium to advertise a product or brand, with the ultimate goal of generating sales and creating engagement with buyers. Marketing that is often applied in micro and macro businesses always involves promotion in it. The promotion is part of the marketing basis which includes price, product, promotion, and place.

Besides, promotion also relates to the communication methods used by marketers to inform about their products. The information provided can be verbal and visual.

Promotion is also interpreted as an effort to encourage or persuade the public to accept the product along with its concepts and ideas. In other words, this process is a series of delivering information, encouraging or persuading and influencing a purchasing decision. So the promotion is carried out with the following objectives.

  • Disseminating product or brand information to potential customers
  • Get new customers and to maintain customer loyalty
  • Increase sales and profit
  • Distinguish and favor its products compared to competitors’ products
  • Branding or shaping the image of the product in the eyes of consumers following what is desired
  • Changing consumer behavior and opinions about a product

Thus, the purpose or role of promotion is as a producer or distributor that can increase sales figures and increase profits. While promotions have the following types:

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1. Physical Promotion

Physical promotion is a type of promotion that is held in a physical environment, the implementation of which is usually carried out at certain events. The event is usually a bazaar, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and so on. Through these events, sellers usually open booths or stands to display their products.

The advantage of this physical promotion is that you can directly reach potential buyers, and they can see directly on the products that you offer. Thus you have the opportunity to establish interactions, and make offers and persuasion directly to your potential customers through physical promotion.

While the lack of physical promotion is dependent on the limited number of consumers because it is held in certain environments, including offices, campuses, schools, and so on.

2. Traditional Media as a Promotion Channel

Promotion in the millennial era apparently can still be done with traditional media. These media include print media, magazines, tabloids, and so on. Besides, there are electronic media such as radio and television. While outdoor media such as billboards, banner ads, and billboard boards.

The advantage of promotion through traditional media is that you can reach more prospective buyers compared to physical promotion. Because the reach of this promotional media is very broad. While the disadvantages of using promotion through traditional media is that you have to pay a very large cost. Because you have to pay for large media such as television, magazines, billboard service providers, and so forth.

3. Digital Media

Digital media is currently the most popular promotional channel which includes the internet and social media or social networking. This method is the opposite of traditional channels that have been described previously, namely modern media for promotion. How to promote through digital media is a modern marketing method that allows the wider community to see the products or services that you offer through the latest technology such as mobile phones or PCs.

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The benefits that can be obtained from this type of promotion, encourage entrepreneurs to switch to using digital media to carry out their marketing strategies. Because digital media is the most effective way to reach their consumers at any time. More than 2.7 billion internet users from around the world recorded, 67% of them have used social media globally.

Thus the presentation of the types of promotions that are effective for your business. Through this effective promotion, it is hoped that the brand awareness of your product will increase. So that the opportunity to get sales in large numbers can occur. Furthermore, you can practice for maximum sales results.

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