Understand the Difference of Retargeting and Remarketing in Marketing

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Understand the Difference of Retargeting and Remarketing in Marketing

Understand the Difference of Retargeting and Remarketing in Marketing 1

Sometimes, the best audience to target is those who have visited your business site more than once or have interacted digitally with you. Retargeting and remarketing allows you to reach customers who are more likely to want to make a transaction than an audience who first visits your site. This will be an important strategy in your marketing efforts.

Meanwhile retargeting and remarketing have the same goals although there are some important differences in the strategy and who targets can be reached effectively.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting or retargeting has several approaches, but what is often used in marketing refers more to the placement of online ads or display ads. The most commonly used retargeting approach targets audiences who have interacted before on your site in a certain way.

After an audience visits your website and clicks on some products, then takes certain actions, cookies set in their browser will provide information that you can use to retarget them. You can do this by displaying ads on the interactions that occur or when they will leave your website. These intended advertisements are placed by third parties such as the Google Display Network which allows your ads to appear on other sites that your audience regularly visits.

What is Remarketing?

The definition of remarketing is still a bit confusing because of some overlapping understanding in the related industry. Often retargeting is also referred to as remarketing, although the terms are different.

Remarketing is often more directed to e-mail campaigns that can reassure customers through their inbox. Marketers use tactics such as sending emails to customers after they leave a shopping basket or adding items to their shopping lists. In essence, remarketing is explained more focused on email campaigns and aims to increase conversions to those who have interacted on your website the way they like it.

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After comparing retargeting and remarketing, overlapping definitions and differences become clear. The same goal of both is to increase conversions for those who will most likely buy products from your brand. The difference lies in the related strategy. Retargeting is very focused on paid advertising, and can be done in various forms, as well as targeting a variety of audiences. While remarketing is focused on e-mail campaigns, and reaches audiences who have had interactions on your website that only allow certain reach.

That’s the difference between retargeting and remarketing that you need to understand so that you no longer equate the two. Given these strategies are very important for your marketing activities, so you will not be mistaken in carrying out both strategies. Thus, you can optimize sales and also increase the profits of your online business.

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