Understand the Difference Between Marketing vs. Advertising and How It Works

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Understand the Difference Between Marketing vs. Advertising and How It Works

Understand the Difference Between Marketing vs. Advertising and How It Works 1

In the world of business both the sale of goods and services, you are inseparable from the role of marketing (advertising) and advertising (advertising). The role of both has the same goal, which is to increase sales. But how do companies do both to achieve success?

Marketing or marketing is more commonly known as activities and processes in making communication messages related to the offer of a product to the public at large. Simply stated, marketing can be understood as planning, implementing, and analyzing business activities aimed at bringing in sales.

While advertising or advertising is an activity that can attract the attention of consumers through information service providers or paid platforms. Thus, consumers will receive information related to business products and services being promoted.

How Marketing Works for Business

To develop a marketing strategy, you need time that is not small. Because you have to do market research first. Good market research can have an impact on a successful promotional campaign. Because the results of market research can help you identify target markets, as well as increase buying interest in potential new customers. Thus, you not only know what kind of products your customers need, but also measure potential competition and market trends.

So that your product is no less competitive in the market, you need to prepare it in such a way as to highlight the uniqueness of the product. This can differentiate your business from other businesses, known as Unique Selling Propositions (USP). Furthermore, the role of USP is a guide that will facilitate you in developing marketing strategies.

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You need to understand your potential customers, and what they want to get from the product or service that you provide. So, you have a preference for branding and marketing communication. Determining branding elements such as logo design must be aligned with who your target market is. Next, you can find out the right time and place to do the promotion.

For this reason, marketing has always focused on sales strategies, observing consumer behavior in various ways. For example, through surveys and distributing questionnaires, observing their online behavior, or interacting face to face directly with consumers. The division of strategies in marketing can be done in four stages which are often known as 4P namely product, price, place, and promotion.

How it Works Advertising to Increase Sales

Advertising is one of the supporting factors of marketing, by creating the right exposure for a company’s product or service. This generates curiosity in the minds of the target market, leads to purchases, which support the overall marketing plan.

Advertising or advertising is understood as a supporting factor of marketing that is run. If you have successfully analyzed who your target market is, you must find the right way to communicate with them. Your marketing plan must include a strategy to position yourself optimally in a very broad market.

Through advertising, you can make efforts to build potential trust of potential customers, namely convincing them that you have a good product and following what they need.

Next, you must communicate the product to them to influence their behavior, so they are compelled to buy. In achieving these efforts, advertising must be strategic and focus on their position in the creative media.

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