Understand the Calculation of Advertising Costs on Froggy Ads

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Understand the Calculation of Advertising Costs on Froggy Ads

Understand the Calculation of Advertising Costs on Froggy Ads

Understand the Calculation of Advertising Costs on Froggy Ads

As a business person, both goods and services definitely require promotion. In the digital era, there are many digital platforms that can be used as promotional media. Maybe we all know very well how social media is very effective for media marketing. But in addition to social media several digital platforms are also very popular among business people such as Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Froggyads and others.

Digital Advertising Platform

All digital advertising platforms will directly connect to your website so you need to advertise on pages that are visited by many people. As the information industry develops, the way to advertise on digital platforms is different from advertising in conventional media such as television, radio, magazines, and others. The payment system is different.

Advertising payment systems on various digital platforms are different from the number of views, some are counted from an application already installed, then there are advertising payments for each click generated, and so forth.


That is why business people must begin to realize the importance of understanding digital marketing. Because that way you can determine which advertising method is suitable for your business and can increase your business profit quickly. CPM is one of the payment methods you need to know.

What is CPM?

CPM is a method of payment for advertising that you have. M in the word CPM has a meaning of 1000, it is a Roman number. That means the costs incurred per 1000 impressions. Impressions are ad impressions that can be seen by visitors while on a website, a page view counts as an impression.

CPM is a highly recommended method of managing costs to build brand awareness aimed at your target customers. For example: If your CPM is worth 2 $ then you will be charged 2 $ for every 1000 impressions in your Ads.

CMP is the most common advertising payment system found on the internet. Because the way this system works is very easy to understand. As an advertiser, you only need to determine the number of views you want and the company that provides the ads will immediately place your ad while starting a counter on that page. Using the CPM system is also very good for you who have high traffic on your blog or website.


Pay attention to Ad Placement

Like everything else, CPM is a payment system that also has shortcomings. The disadvantage of this method is quite large, namely if the ad is placed at the bottom of the page. Users who open the page can simply move to another page before scrolling to the bottom. You will still be charged even though the ad has not been seen by visitors to the website.

It is better before you advertise you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the payment system. CPM (Cost per Mile) is not the only ad payment system on a digital platform but there are several payment systems besides CPM.

That’s why before you place an ad you have to dig up more information about the payment system, advertising methods and so on. So that the costs you spend on promotion are not in vain. Because there are already many cases, so the advertisements they post are not very effective.