Understand the 3 Types of Buyers for Planning a Marketing Psychology Strategy

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Understand the 3 Types of Buyers for Planning a Marketing Psychology Strategy

Understand the 3 Types of Buyers for Planning a Marketing Psychology Strategy 1

Every professional marketer must have the ability to understand why and how consumers think and act as they want. This presentation is called marketing psychology. Understanding in advance about consumer behavior will help you in carrying out marketing strategies. Because marketing psychology aims to increase good marketing to be extraordinary. This article will specifically discuss the psychology of marketing that you can use to maximize marketing strategies in your company.

Marketing psychology is understood as factors that can influence consumers’ emotions and behavior in evaluating the products or services offered.

Based on studies conducted by neuroeconomic experts, there are three types of buyers in the field of marketing, namely tightwads, spendthrifts, and average spenders. If you can understand these three buyer categories, then you can create a marketing strategy that is right on target. The following discussion.

1. Tightwads

These types of tightwads buyers tend to have the character of saving their money rather than using it to shop massively. This type of buyer is accustomed to making budget plans for their expenses.

Tightwads will try to hold back their expenses as much as possible. The act of saving them does not because they are short of money or are using it for other purposes, but they tend to want to save it for certain expenses.

Besides, they can also wait until the price of the desired product goes down, after the product trend begins to subside. So, it can be said that they spend less money than consumers in general.

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Tips for Selling Tightwads

Doing sales for this type of tightwads you can not do at one time. You need a long and tiring effort. That alone does not guarantee that you will succeed in encouraging them to make a purchase. You can try to attract their interest through the use of words that fit their characteristics, for example, “Invest your money right now, save more in the future!”

You can also try to use numbers and graphics to appeal emotionally to make them willing to make a purchase. Convey a clear message, because they do not like long-winded promotions.

2. Spendthrifts

Buyers of spendthrifts type contrast with tightwads. This buyer is immune to feeling sorry after buying an item. They shop more and save less than the general public. This type of buyer is not too many. Behaviors carried out spendthrifts tend to spend money and spend it without the need to follow a budget plan. The purchases they make occur on emotional impulse.

Tips on Selling to Spendthrifts

Selling products to spendthrifts is very easy, because you don’t need to convince them for too long. However, you must continue to make strategies to attract their interests. You can use emotional ads. You can create emotionally provocative content such as videos of cute cats or adorable babies. Besides, you can take advantage of the psychology of marketing using colors that can interest them.

3. Average Spenders

After discussing tightwads and opposing spendthrifts in terms of determining expenditures, we will then discuss average spenders as intermediaries for both. Although somewhat difficult to explain, in short, average spenders occupy a position in the middle in making a purchase.

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Average spenders tend to buy products based on rationality. This action is considered to maintain their financial stability and avoid the risk of waste. In short, they still indulge in shopping but with rational reasons. Besides, they continue to save money and run several planned budgets. Expenditures are based on emotions and also analysis.

Sales Tips for Average Spenders

Average spenders are the largest number of buyers. So if you need to focus on this type of buyer in carrying out marketing psychology. Therefore, you can make a balance of marketing strategies that involve emotion and data-driven. For example, you can offer a guarantee, cashback, free shipping, and similar promos to quell their fear of regret buying goods. This method can encourage them to want to shop without worrying.

Those are the three types of buyers that you need to understand before practicing marketing psychology. Thus, you can optimize sales and profits.

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