Ultimate List of Niches and Niche Ideas Most Profitable Niche Markets

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This Blog is one of the best one I have read on Niche ideas and implementation and such. It merits far more merit than simple “Blog” status. It may be changed into an ebook in downloadable PDF format akin to Stefan Ciancio’s book “How I Did It” and Jim Daniels “ezWebBusinessBuilder2” course He referred me on your group}. Since I read blogs and eBooks on my iPad in the morning, I either get same in a format that is designed for smartphones and tablets and might read easily with out enlarging text and moving page back and forth, or small text which has to be “sized” for easy reading. Since I could only save your blog as a web page, I copied your blog and pasted to an Office Word doc.

It pasted everything fine, but translated your clean “Arial” style fonts into numerous styles which I didn’t like but turned into a nicely formatted document. This technique worked for my Laptop Computer. Since your Blog is worth retaining for reference and highlighting, underlining, notes, and such, I also modified your Blog into a PDF formatted “iBook” on my iPad for simple reading sooner or later on the go won’t need WiFi to read it while vacationing. The first page is all corrupted with coding overlays, but the rest of the pages are okay. If bloggers paid more cognizance to out there readability of their blogs, they’d attract the cognizance of more people looking for a directly ahead writing style that makes a point as a substitute of just sticking something in random print format and getting an alternate content material article posted, and out of ways. Keep it simple, make it easily readable, make a point, and stop!PS: Sorry about the long comment, but most blogs are hard to read.


Yours is astonishing.