UDIMI Review – Best Solo Ad Platform For 2022 and Beyond?

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UDIMI Review Best Solo Ad Platform For 2022 and

Udimi is one of my favorite platforms to get quality leads and sales with solo ads.


If you asked me to list one of the fastest ways to build an email list without paying a great deal in competitive niches like Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Biz Opps, Network Marketing,

…Solo Ad Marketing would take the spot for certain.

Because solo ads traffic is targeted and warmed up and the price is fixed, you only need to worry about optimizing your sales funnel, add more emails to your autoresponder series, and scaling your campaigns.

No need to worry about PPC keywords, Facebook ad creatives, and content policies, etc. You only need to send your link to your landing page or solo ad text.

However, since sellers with quality leads don’t want to saturate their subscribers’ inboxes, it is not easy to find solo ads that successfully drive targeted, quality traffic to your link.

What is a Solo ad?

A solo ad is an email message sent to a permission-based email list of an email list owner to promote your business. It’s like displaying a banner ad on a website or publishing a guest post on a popular site.

Unlike other advertising methods, solo ads is founded upon email marketing which in according to various studies, have shown to be the best promoting avenue with the highest engagement and ROI (Return On Investment).

Important Elements Of A Solo Ad:

1). Email Message – Email sent to a permission-based email list. It is illegal to send emails to unsolicited email addresses. See CAN-SPAM Act. compliance guide by FTC.

2). Traffic – Email traffic is warmed up and targeted more than other methods like Pop-up ads, Push notification ads, and native ads traffic.

3). Focused Message – With solo ad messages, you can indicate what visitors need to do once they click on your link/CTA (Call-to-action). As a result, solo ads have generally a higher email opt-in rate.

What is Udimi.com?

Udimi.with is a solo ads platform where Udimi works as a middleman between buyers and sellers.

How Does This Platform Work?

Essentially, buyers can search solo ad sellers listed and place an order for solo ad traffic.  This marketplace offers many features and benefits for solo advertising.

Sellers need to:

1). Be active and have a high response ratio

2). Maintain their email list with buyer traffic so customers get sales from solo ad campaigns and sellers get positive reviews. More positive reviews = Higher proportions of customers on Udimi platform and more recurring and increased new customers

3). Supply email clicks on time. Udimi gives money back on 100% non-delivered traffic.

4). Set the price of solo ads on Udimi moderately, so they get more customers

5). Provide an excellent customer experience to receive returning customers

Functionality Of The Platform

email tool


It’s free to register with Udimibut not to purchase solo ads from sellers of course.

The average solo ad price per click (PPC) are around $0.19 (for new sellers) and around $0.45 (for established sellers), and can go much higher (for top sellers). The solo ad price on Udimi is up to the seller, and he/she can change their price at anytime.

You can also add these upgrades to your solo ad order:

  • Prime filters
  • Only Top tier
  • Only mobile
  • No mobile

Usually, the Prime filter costs $0.03 per clickand is free if you’re a Udimi Prime member. Other upgrades cost are different rates based on the seller’s configurations.


You can filter sellers based on their niches. While most sellers are in the Make Money Online, Business Opportunities, MLM, Crypto niches, you can find sellers with an email list in health, pets, and cooking niches too.

Got Sales

After you buy a solo ad from a seller, you can publish your reviews. On the review form, you will be represented an option to select whether you got sales or not. If a seller’s 40 out of the last 100 reviews is marked as ‘I got sales,’ the Got sales percentage would be 40. This is a great metric to use to find good solo ad sellers with buyer traffic.

Repeated Orders

Repeated orders represents how many customers of the previous 100 solo ad orders are repeated buyers. Higher the repeated orders percentage mean people were able to convert traffic to sales or responsive subscribers (leads).

I recommend using both Got Sales and Repeated Orders when checking the traffic quality.

ID Verification

Udimi takes strong measures to ensure sellers are legit and fraud is as low as possible. Select the ‘Only verified’ option under ID verification to get traffic from professional sellers.

Seller location

Udimi is an international website, so people from anywhere can sign up and start selling solo ads on the platform. If you only want to buy traffic from sellers who are from a specific region, use this option.

How many clicks should you order on Udimi?

If you are buying for the first time with a seller, start small.  I normally start with a minimum of 100 clicks to get a clear picture of the quality in the traffic I received in terms of opt-in conversion rate.

If the opt-in page converts at 30%, 100 visitors will get you 30 visitors on your list and 30 visitors on the bridge page, affiliate offer, or your sales page.

Udimi is one of my favorite traffic sources I like to use for my sales funnels and is a traffic source I keep in my traffic rolodex.

In case you haven’t noticed, I RECOMMEND Udimi as a traffic source and Udimi is a great platform not only to build your list but possibly make sales as well.

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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