Types of Online Business You Can Try

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Types of Online Business You Can Try

Types of Online Business You Can Try

Types of Online Business You Can Try

Increasingly more and more internet users are growing. Inevitably, this has the potential for business people. By using the internet, a business person can reach a wider target market at a more affordable cost.

For those of you who want to run an online business, here are 5 types of online businesses that you can try. Following is an explanation of the benefits, challenges and things you need to prepare.

1. Selling in online stores

Namely selling products through online store facilities without having to buy or rent a physical store.

The advantage:

  • Can promote fast and free
  • Unlimited distance and time
  • Operating costs are cheaper than an offline store.

Challenges faced:

  • Requires fees for the domain, hosting and creating an online store
  • Take time to introduce your online store
  • Internet marketing skills required

Things that need to be prepared:

  • Have a product for sale (It can be your own or someone else’s leftover product)
  • Have a website
  • Promoting (through Google SEO & SEM and social media)

2. Selling online at the marketplace

That is your product left in the marketplace, and marketing is borne by the marketplace.

The advantage:

  • Customers come alone
  • Simple payment
  • Website provided

Challenges encountered

  • Customer data owned by Marketplace
  • Difficult direct promotion

Marketplace is more famous than your brand.

3. Dropship

Namely selling other people’s products with your brand.

The advantage:

Can sell even without having

  • Capital
  • Store
  • Product
  • and shipping services

Challenges encountered

  • Small profit
  • The quality of goods cannot be monitored
  • A problem often occurs is that the money has been transferred, but the goods have not been sent
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Things that need to be prepared

  • Look for Dropshipper
  • Promoting

4. Affiliates

Namely promoting other people’s products, and if someone buys because of a promotion then you will get a commission

The advantage:

  • No need to have a product
  • No admin required
  • No need to serve buyer complaints or questions
  • Do not send the items yourself

Challenges encountered

  • Relatively small income
  • The quality of goods that cannot be monitored by themselves.
  • The product brand is not in your name
  • Must have a little understanding of IT and online marketing strategies.

Things that need to be prepared

  • Look for products that can be promoted
  • Promotion in online media

5. Selling services online

Namely selling your skills / services online

The advantage:

  • Revenue is quite large
  • No need to have stock of goods
  • No need to have a Delivery service


  • You must master online marketing
  • Can handle fussy clients who request continuous revision
  • Understand negotiation

Things that need to be prepared

  • Expertise
  • Have your own website or join marketplace services
  • Promotion

After deciding to start an online business without capital, you also need proper financial management and good online advertising company management for your business. With the right financial management and advertising platform you can enhance the development of your online business, you will easily find out the development of your business performance. To make it easier for you to manage your online advertising, you can use the help of our ad network, Froggy Ads.