Tumblr Ads: Learn About Paid Advertising Options on Tumblr

We recently highlighted the alternative ads options available via Twitter’s paid ads and promoted tweets platform. Another massively usual social site has also been introducing new advertising options of late: Tumblr. For many businesses, Tumblr’s presently accessible advertising alternatives will not be a good fit yet, but it’s always worth expertise what’s accessible with a given commercials channel before you push aside it, and by following how a well-liked platform with a large number of site visitors evolves their ad items you’ll know once they start to offer solutions for you to get the most out of. The spotlight and radar merchandise are geared more towards brands and require a $25,000 dedication, but the pinned posts and highlighted posts are both available to advertisers self serve, so if you have already got an active Tumblr account with fans this may be a viable ads option.

Regardless of the tactic you have chose it’s in reality important to keep in mind that with a young advertising platform like Tumblr’s you won’t be capable of get access to the level of concentrated on features and analytics you may be used to with Google AdWords, and even Facebook ads. That said dependent on your viewers and your agency’s own use of Tumblr, Tumblr ads can be worth investing in.

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