Try Cross-Selling Techniques to Increase Sales

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Try Cross-Selling Techniques to Increase Sales

Try Cross Selling Techniques to Increase Sales

When you pay at the Indomaret cashier, a cashier will offer you something you didn’t realize that was a cross-selling technique such as:

“All the credit, Sis?” or “The detergent, Sis? As long as it’s a promo. “

The sentence as he uttered is a method or technique in a sales strategy. Cross-selling techniques are used to maximize sales by offering other items. Usually, the items offered are promo items or accessories related to these products.

Another example when you just want to buy a laptop. So sales who want to apply cross-selling techniques will offer sentences such as:

“Not the mouse, Sis? Or the keyboard protector, Sis? ”

Such an effective way to attract consumers. He became interested and then bought the product that the sales offered. Not only maximizing sales, cross-selling techniques are useful for depleting your deadstock or unsold products.

As a businessman, you need to duplicate cross-selling techniques so that your products can sell a lot. What needs to be known is that cross-selling techniques can be used not only for online businesses but also for offline businesses.

Then, what do you need to use cross-selling techniques? Check out the explanation below.

1. Make sure the price of the product

Consumers don’t want to be fooled by the price you are offering. Therefore you must provide the appropriate pricing information. Besides, you must carefully and carefully balance that the price of the product you sell is following the production costs incurred.

If possible, give special prices to consumers. Attractive promos and affordable prices make consumers feel at home to buy your products, again and again.

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2. Understand Consumer Intent

Every consumer must have different characters. You need to predict until you recognize it. Of course, you or your salesperson have sentences that match the SOP. Certain sentences are spoken when consumers come to an online or offline store. However, apart from using the sentences according to the SOP, you have the right to improvise without overriding the meaning of the SOP.

Such skills need to be learned as you serve customers. You will understand when consumers with character A need to be served with A1. Likewise, when meeting consumer B, serve him with the B1 method. Often meeting with various customers makes you understand it and is good for the development of your business.

3. Quick Response and Response

Often consumers leave the store or don’t buy your product because you were slow to respond to questions. If there is such a case, you need to improve your service. Especially in responding. Good communication relations with consumers also determine the development of your business.

You need to remember and know that consumers will give good ratings when you are quick to respond. If not, be prepared for your customers to switch to competitors. You don’t want it, do you?

4. Manage Online Shop Pages

When consumers want to buy a product, they will usually look for references first. That’s when you need to pay attention to your online shop page. Make sure the information you include is following consumer needs.

If your product is a bag, include the size of the bag, the colors available to the appropriate price. Also, make sure the photos on the page match the original product. Consumers are often deceived because it turns out that the photos are inversely proportional to the products they get. Things like this need to be avoided for the development of your business.

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