TrustRadius Raises the Bar for Transparency in Business Technology User Reviews and Compliance with Federal Trade Commission Guide

According to TrustRadius CEO Vinay Bhagat, “Business era buyers are more and more turning to online reviews to evaluate merchandise. Consequently, proprietors are getting a lot more active in driving reviews. Because there can be preference bias in which customers are invited to jot down comments, we strongly believe that it is crucial to convey how a review is driven. Our assignment is to assist technology buyers make knowledgeable selections by supplying sophisticated reviews and research that they are able to trust. These are important purchasing choices where the correct selection may have a cloth impact on the company’s base line.

”TrustRadius Incentive Disclosures Incentives – usually small online gift certificates – are frequently used in the B2B industry to encourage user reviews. When used with a random, representative cross component to users, they’ve been shown to bring a more diverse and complete set of comments and ratings and naturally a stronger participation rate. TrustRadius reviewers are required to divulge offered incentives to ensure transparency and follow FTC guidelines. The FTC regulates using incentives for public endorsements and buyer testimonials. The legend on a review suggests that the reviewer was provided an incentive to put in writing a review. We help technology buyers make better product alternative, implementation and usage decisions.

Every reviewer is authenticated and each review vetted by a member of our Research team before book. Unlike software directories and easy rating sites, TrustRadius comments are structured and sizeable, averaging more than 400 words each. Reviewers are encouraged to update their reviews to keep them latest. Founded by successful marketers and backed by the Mayfield Fund, TrustRadius is bringing transparency and effectivity to the $3. 7 trillion company era market.