Troy Hunt: I just permanently removed all ad network code from my blog

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I don’t mind ads on websites as an idea, it’s I don’t mind the belief of a message acting somewhere that helps the manufacturer of said content earn a crust. However, there are other things about ads that I do mind highly and most of them are due to ad networks themselves. I don’t love the overhead of an entire other website being embedded into an iframe. I do not like the complete irrelevancy of much of the ad content material.

It can be adapted to my browsing habits, but then I’m not overly fond of the monitoring. Oh and I definitely don’t love being served either malware or really evident behaviours equivalent to ads viewed on iOS redirecting me to the app store in an attempt to have me down load Clash of Clans. None of these things are fun and they’re all directly due to the style networks run. Raygun is an ideal instance of the sort of sponsor I want on board too because I’ve written about them repeatedly before and I’m actually, independently counseled in what they do. In fact, every sponsor I’ve had on board thus far has done things which are completely applicable to my audience that’s a really nice way of doing focused on without all of the invasive stuff that goes together with it.

Partly that’s simply because I curate them I’ve rejected diverse capabilities sponsors because our views simply weren’t aligned yet even still, I’ve never had an un backed week since I introduced. Actually, all sponsor slots up until the beginning of April are actually fully booked out, and that got me thinking.

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