TribalAdNetwork Review and Payment Proof Ad Network

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TribalAdNetwork is a new PPC ads network that help advertisers and publishers to get good consequences online. TribalAdNetwork claims to uses synthetic intelligence to match your site with the highest paying ads per 1000 impressions based on the Click Through Rate CTR. For publishers, they provide quite decent CPC rates. Their minimal withdrawal is $50 and also you get paid on 5th of every month.

Their average PPC rate for USA is $0. 15 that’s pretty decent rate and if you have really good exceptional of traffic, that you may get up to $1 per click. If you are already using Adsense on your site, you also can try TribalAdNetwork which is 100% alright to use with Adsense. They presently have greater than 10,000 publishers and advertisers can in reality target by category, demographic, key phrase and nation wise. You can also target by device,browser and operating system. They also have retargeting option to your campaign.

You can get CPC if your site visitors is from tier 1 international locations like USA, Germany and UK, in another way the CPC for other international locations is really low.

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