Trends in Using Video Marketing as Media Promotion

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Trends in Using Video Marketing as Media Promotion

Trends in Using Video Marketing as Media Promotion 1

Various types of businesses are now starting to bloom in utilizing video marketing as one of their marketing activities. The concepts presented entertainingly can increase brand awareness and education to the target audience. Now, video forms can be presented into various types of content according to the platform used.

For example, currently, content for video marketing is not only published via YouTube and Facebook, but also Instagram and WhatsApp. Is stories feature on some social media that are now popular, require video content in a certain duration.

From this presentation, it can be said that video marketing can launch marketing strategies, especially in increasing brand awareness to the target audience. This advantageous potential can be utilized by Startup in conducting promotions, how about the tips? Let’s look at the explanation below:

1. Avoid Making Hard Selling Content

For new companies, the opportunity to convey messages or information to the wider community can be done through video marketing. However, you must be careful in creating video marketing content so as not to focus on hard-selling, that is, blatantly making sales. Make a marketing video that is soft selling and has a focus on the intended target audience. For example, you can create entertaining content.

Creating content that can engage the audience’s emotions can foster their interest in your product. Besides, making content as attractive as possible by placing real people in content can also create opportunities for increased engagement.

2. Separating Different Messages

In an increasingly modern world, technological change has also influenced the concept of video marketing content. This can be seen from the many video marketing platforms that you can use for free. Therefore, you only need to focus on the visuals that you present to describe and tell the content that you want to convey. Make visuals for engaging video marketing content, so that it attracts the interest and attention of the audience.

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Then to convey the message properly, ideally, you should create different video content between those aimed at educating customers, and increasing brand awareness. Besides, in every video you make, tuck in company values, brand strength, messages in an interesting, entertaining, and informative context.

3. Take advantage of YouTube, the Most Popular Video Content Platform

The popularity and convenience offered by YouTube to run video marketing, make marketers still rely on this platform. Because displaying video content via YouTube is considered to affect the conversion rate to the popularity of the video, when the campaign is conducted.

From the videos displayed on YouTube, you can then direct your audience to the company’s website and social media. This method is considered powerful enough to get traffic, new audiences, and interaction with the audience.

4. Video Marketing as Millennial Era Marketing Trends

The height of video content in cyberspace does not mean making video marketing increasingly ineffective. But on the contrary, promotion through this method will be even greater in number because it is the most popular form of promotion or can be said to have become a trend. The concept of content is increasingly varied, both information, education, and entertainment.

Not a few companies that make video series as their promotional content. Besides, there are also live videos, live video streaming, short videos, and so on.

In the future, video will have a crucial role in the world of marketing, due to changes in the concept of space and time for consumers who prefer to enjoy video content.

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