Transparency in Header Bidding Should be Yesterday’s News

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Header bidding technology is complex, and no two businesses handle their analytics in a similar way. Publishers may be conscious about capabilities performance discrepancies among their header bidding partners data and on the page data. Though it’s nearly inconceivable for a header bidder to be 100% matched to another reporting system like DFP, large discrepancies in reporting can be catastrophic for a publisher trying to make selections from data. Things like poor API functionality, poor structure or flawed thoughts for high volume event handling can result in lost data.

Publishers can ask header bidding providers how they handle analytics events and how they are tracked. Publishers do need to do their due diligence when choosing a header bidding accomplice and should bear in mind that not all packing containers are created equal–and never all of them operate in the writer’s best attention. However, some agencies keep in mind the challenges publishers face with header bidding implementation, control, and yield optimization and seek to fill the necessity for fair auctions and obvious data. Taking the above points into consideration when choosing a header bidding accomplice will give you a stronger opportunity to manage the success of your online advertising operations.

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