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Glad we’re getting some feedback in this post and obviously Brian Rooney and I need to aid you as best as we can. Obviously to accomplice with the owner of the agency and then such as you, I am a member of TrafficWave using the autoresponder to build my list, provide useful and effective content to my subscribers and, about 20% of the time, sending out offers that can help my subscribers and that make me income to boot. Let Brian and myself know what topics of need you have and we’re going to do the simplest to answer them. Remember the resources that Brian discussed already so that we don’t need to cover solutions that are already offered… All the best!Brian,I wanted to say Great Job!The set up for my Auto responder campaign was the easiest setup than I have everseen or tried.

I know even gazing and pausing the video. it didn’t take even half-hour to setup. I had actuallysigned up for the Traffic Wave autoresponder the day before for an alternative business that I’m in. I know what helped me, in my view essentially the most was the pre written letters. That’s something that I wish help with for fundamental business. After every thing was set up I went out and done some email marketing and banner and text advertising, using the material that you just had provided for us.

Today I have already got 2 new subscribers. Now I were in a lot of pain due to my disabilities and that prevented me from doing as much promoting as I wanted to our as I must have or I’d say that I would have had a lot more subscribers. But to me that shows that you simply get outcomes!Next I’m desirous to set up another crusade for my fundamental enterprise. The something that I could use help with is the follow up message or letter!But this was great!I had a good time doing it and once I had an entire crusade set up it gave me a pretty good sense of achievement!Anyone could do that. Just follow the stairs.

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Follow right along withyou in the video!Thanks a good deal Brian!Hi there,Well ok, now what shall I say. First to be fair, I was using a cheaper autoresponder. As when I started to use TW I could not get any help or did not understand. So I went to more cost-effective one. But as that you could see I am back, and the way it was when I was first here, has been it kind of feels turned around. Which is superb.

So as far as I can see, I am here to stay. As an associate I know that if and when really, I get my first three people, that’s the best place to be. Not of course the one place. But wow that may be a solid start. But am in and using TW in a few campaigns just not getting the right folk in yet, so yes it seems I still have a lot to benefit. But I am a positive person so already know I will get there.

Thank you Brian sure is a high-quality place to be.