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Check out some PeerClick facets:– SAAS technology– Cloaking– Smart Routing and Smart Rotation– Anti Fraud system – Multicurrency– Making of Affiliate Networks– The most modern tracker technology on the market today– Handles billions of clicks per day– Highest click processing time under any server load– The maximum speed of report producing on the market– Group Campaign Reports– The fastest and most handy user interface– Flexible multi user system with alternative access rights– The fastest time of support responseLast year TORO Advertising won the AffBank Award for ‘The best economic associate community’ and as part of this year’s nomination period, AffBank performed a chain of interviews with last year’s winners and asked them an analogous questions. Beatriz González, Business Developer from TORO Advertising, described TORO’s main achievements and demanding situations of the year, shared her opinion on coming trends in online affiliate marketing and gave a piece of advice to associates from all over the place the world. Read the complete interview hereWhich sites if you target ?Content consumption has increased on news sites as the target audience is forever checking for news updates both globally and locally, Facebook and Instagram for funny memes, videos about COVID 19 to relieve tension. Entertainment sites equivalent to adult, streaming and gaming have seen big spikes in traffic as well as sites with health related content material reminiscent of fitness, immune system boosting tips, and recipe sites as people search for meal ideas. All these are great alternatives to run native ads.

I have always liked TORO Advertising as it has exclusive CPI offers for Desktop site visitors, the great expertise of these kinds of offers is that they offer positive content to the customer, they are a fast conversion and can be scaled up to procure more volume while the offer is trending. Additionally, there are not many installing offers concentrated on Mac gadgets, which meant I could bid lower and still achieve a high ROI.

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