Top Successful Indian Entrepreneurs Stories That Will Inspire You This Quarantine Men of Value

India being a developing nation has contributed many sought after students, scientists, philosophers, or even entrepreneurs. The sense of feat is deep rooted in Indians and that’s the reason we excel in almost all fields. Of all of the Successful Entrepreneurs Stories you’ve got found, curiously, probably the most enthralling ones are those where kids and teenagers put their imprint around the globe. Here we latest probably the most Successful Entrepreneurs Stories of Indias youngest entrepreneurs, and we believe it would inspire you this quarantine and will let you detect that its neither too late or never too early to hunt your dreams of being a business owner.

We all have heard about Ritesh Agarwal and how his idea of Oyo revolutionized the hotel industry continuously. His story is without doubt one of the best a success marketers’ stories in India. Ritesh was never passionate about studies so he withdrew formal education to additional pursue his plans. The concept of Oravel Stays thumped him when he was 18. The basic idea was a cheap hotel chain that contains BandB.

After understanding that no other carrier granted a room for a budget commuter, Ritesh got the belief from Oravel stays to OYO rooms. Agarwal began OYO with barely 11 only rooms in a Gurgaon resort.

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