Top In App Advertising Companies Business of Apps

AdColony formerly known as Opera Mediaworks is one of the largest mobile ad networks globally. Its reach, 1,4 billion users globally, what sets it apart from other ad networks. A fully owned subsidiary of Otello Corporation ASA, AdColony is a global association with over 20 offices world wide. Startapp is a mobile commercials company. It adds a self serve platform for advertisers to simply build and launch ad campaigns, controlling viewers, creatives and budget facets in their campaigns.

Among qualities that sets it aside from other ad networks are uniquely designed animated and interactive ads, data greater focused on, using data derived from over 300,000 mobile apps and local ad units. Google Ads acts as Google’s mobile advertisements community, in keeping with combining the Google Adwords ad buying interface with Google site visitors assets reminiscent of it’s own structures and servers as well as the mythical Admob platform. Admob was situated in 2006 by Omar Hamoui and bought by Google in 2009. They built one of the biggest ad networks on the earth, according to the cost proposition a free ad era tool to drive in app installs and cross promote apps. Google Ads proprietary IAP in app buy in house ad format supply advertisers with app app users that, in response to the platform’s data, will surely to download / buy a particular mobile app.

In July 2018 the platform was rebranded from AdMob to Google Ads. Smaato is a mobile ads and app monetization platform. It characteristics mobile first ad community and ad server solution for publishers and app builders. Smaato hosts the greatest independent mobile ad trade with global reach. For advertisers it offers Smaato Demand Platform with advanced site visitors optimization characteristics, for publishers Smaato Publishers Platform that lets them obtain high fill rates and yield high eCPMs.

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